I suggest we limit war declarations on specific teams to one a week

Who else has sat in a league and watch teams work their way up the leaderboard by hitting that one team that has lost 10 players at the bottom ? There are 25 teams in a league, 7 days in non PVP weeks, we can declare on 2 teams a day, that’s 14 teams or half the league. This means each team can war with another twice a week (one declare and one being declared)

So, lets limit the declarations so that those teams who are not good enough to beat the teams at their level and exist on the backs of weaker teams have to work a little harder. It also means that the teams that need to rebuild don’t spend all week in wars with every opportunistic team every day.

There is a lot to hate about this game right now …lets find ways to put some fun back in it ???

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  1. Beating beaten up teams won’t net us good rating points
  2. As for now, unless we can go for higher league, climbing to subleague higher than what we can do is a net negative. Harder to score in PvP, and no significant change to team prize

Have seen, and been victim of that abuse…Even suggested long ago that something be put in place to make it where guilds declaring Wars should be forced to only be able to chose guilds closely matching their own, and never on much smaller guilds as all doing is taking unfair advantage for a easy win, rather than earn the right to move up…


Lol what do you think the purpose of having different levels of leagues is?


Would that make it fun though?

And is this such an issue that it needs attention? Other than when a team is crumbling how often is this happening? Why is it happening?


Hey, Mike :slightly_smiling_face: Understand the purpose of the different leagues, yet when have guilds that rightfully should be in higher leagues blowing through, or like now staying in Gold, and stomping on the smaller ones, What fun is that :thinking:

How many are actually stomping through?

And gold league still exists?

The general sentiment of this thread is fine, although it’s been suggested before, but the thing is it is only pertinent if the game was healthy. It’s not.


In last month, believe around 6 have blown through with half think that did this :neutral_face: Yes, We in Gold 1 and 2 still fairly alive, below that is mostly dead now…


No, current state of game is not healthy at all, and am about to open a thread…

You can do more then 2 wars a day lol


If there is a team that beats up on incomplete teams and gets pushed into the next league that doesn’t truly deserve it, they will be beaten back down quickly. If it is a team that is truly trying to war out of a league they don’t really belong in, let them war and get out asap. Restricting the amount of wars is silly. If there is an incomplete team that is being beaten to pieces because they are incomplete they need to go down in league to rebuild. How is it fair to the teams in lower leagues that can’t rise up because there’s a dead team no one can war down ahead of them?


Not sure understand what mean…Do understand the rest of what your saying IF current game was a healthy one, but as it is now, it is not. Reason say that is, if a guild is rebuilding, gets beat on by multiple wars they can do nothing about, does not matter whether or not the guild beating on them deserves to move up, point is they are trashing the guild they are beating on to lower leagues down into leagues that are dead, and that does nothing towards their rebuilding efforts at all.

I dont support your assertion that minor irritants should be ignored as they are not important enough for you. It is something i dont like to see, and it is a small thing that can be easily fixed.

I dont agree with the comment above about limiting based on level though. The 25 teams in the league are already closely matched by points so i think we already have that in place.

I think this will be addressed by limiting their ability to target one team more than once. We all expect to win some wars and lose some wars. But ive watched teams that lose a few players being hit every second day by the same teams. Many teams hit them once, then leave them be …

I spoke to one team that had 14 wars in one day because they lost a few players … that has to suck. There is no negative to this change. As mentioned above, thepoints gained by hitting teams lower over and over is minimal so you can see that there is no positive to the game to allowing it to occur and there are plenty of negatives in that type of behaviour.

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Pretty sure I said you can declare 2 … ??

So how often is it happening? Limiting teams from being able to move up quickly also means your forcing a stronger team to spend more time than needed with teams they easily beat in every other aspect (such as weekly events) so limiting it only creates a second minor irritant. So if you are indeed against minor irritants that need to be fixed I don’t think I was being unreasonable by asking how much of an irritant this is, as a solution also causes an irritant.

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You think only of the team declaring the war. What about the other teams ? How do they build their teams when they are constantly pushed down by these other teams ?

So consider this scenario.

Failing team (Team 1) ends up in Gold … is in a league below their base level(ie, 400s but not a full team) sees team 2 as easy meat … so focuses on Team 2.

Growing Team (Team 2) is newly setup, hasn’t got 50 members and is mostly full of dragon riders who are learning the game.

So Team 1 fights all week with Team 2 … making Team 2 members frustrated and leave the game. Team 2 sinks the league and has to work their way back. Recruitment is hard as the lower the level, the harder to recruit as we all know. Team 1 gets promoted.

Team 1 then finds a team that they can beat and targets them (as thats how they roll) but are also targeted by other teams, and are pushed back down to the other league where they find poor old Team 2 who has just worked their way back.

And groundhog day ensues.

Not a fan of this myself and quite frankly, the change to limit declarations would be easy and would not impact time required to work on other aspects of the game and would not impact game play in any way either. It will remove a frustration that some feel, and potentially help bring or keep more players in the game. I think we all know that we need more interested and active players coming through.

Sounds like a war game to me…


Pretty sure i said u can declare more then 2 wars a day lol im pretty sure its as many medals your team can gauge up to have plenty MORE then just the 2 a day

In fact u can war the whole league if your teams active enough or they declare