I think it’ll be a good day 😍

Cause … I got War Dragons version of a jackpot. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


I thought you were gonna say you didn’t even have to use your AK.



One run and done :sunglasses:

I had something similar to that on my alt last night :laughing: I forget the first mission but the other two were deal a bunch of damage with Airbrean, and kill 5 archers. It took a bit of doing to find a live base with 5 archers, but I did and got all 3 missions cleared in one go.

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5.29M damage with Rizar
Destroy 7 Cannons
Destroy 30 towers on rival’s base.

That is 1 Invader run in Atlas.

My fav is 3/4/6 death gaze spell uses :upside_down_face:


Team Quest jackpot :sunglasses:

It’d be better if the prizes were all sigils tho … but still good.


You’re so lucky. Only thing better would be three missions asking you to transfer lumber :joy: I’m all done building this event, so doing that mission would be a piece of cake.


Sam hit the jackpot, and it paid out 10580 chests :astonished:

I had close to 13k chests before but I opened enough to get the 125% token bonus last week. A veteran player was kind enough to teach me about saving and timing when it came to chests and rubies. Love the great peeps in the game. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Share me some please…
I need heal potions to help me train Kaiju…

Kaiju is one of the prettiest dragons :heart_eyes:


Really? I always thought that Deci, Renard, and Noctua were WAY prettier than that weird leaf dragon.

I don’t have any of those dragons. But green is my favorite color and I like the nature theming of Kaiju. :slight_smile:

I love Kaiju’s design! Such a unique dragon. I saw him fly through my base a long while ago and ever since then I’ve loved his design. I finally have him :heart: :t_rex:

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But Kaiju is brown. Like a dry leaf.

Nonetheless I agree with enlisting him to the prettiest dragons.
@LizDrakemoor, I agree with you about those, and let me add


You see brown and I see green. Must be a half glass kind of thing :thinking:

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Brown + Green…
Brownies + Green Tea…

Matcha Brownies? :yum:

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