I think this is cheating!



I just joined a bronze team with 3 members. And saw that another officer from another team joins us, and gets automaticly officer. Than he declared war on his old team, and jumped back to his old team with 50 members.

I think he did it to get the „who dare“ honor.

Thats not the way how teams should get them. Is there anything you can do to this officer


I agree it’s stupid and unnecessary but there isn’t anything warranting any punitive actions to be taken.

Some people are just assholes.


The actual “honor” doesn’t really affect game play. It’s more of a completionist thing IMO. I mean it’s hilarious that someone would actually resort to that, but there’s nothing wrong with it.


Wouldn’t he have done it to get as much ranking points as possible without having to use his team medals to do it? They might be able to skip silver? If they get that way declared by all other teams with 3 or less member they would get a lot of wars with automatic wins.


If that is the only way they can win, then they will get slapped down by teams that earn their way to their respective leagues soon enough.


I never wanted it to appear as if I would condone this behaviour. I think it is wrong on that many levels but I wanted to offer another point why somebody do something like that.


Lol, I don’t think that’s cheating, but I have to say it is pretty hilarious that some would go through all that just to either get the team medal or get a faster move up in leagues.

:man_shrugging:t3: What do you do though.


This pretty much hits the main point. Even though it might not be considered cheating (I don’t know if it is), there’s no real point to doing this more than once. It’s comedy gold for a team to need to do this to advance, but they won’t last long in a higher league. I think it was purely just for the honor thing when you look at their guild.


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