I thought airplane was supposed to be fixed

I thought this was supposed to be fixed in the latest patch. However, there are some teams still suspiciously you can’t join defence invites. And then they magically solo bases, after repeatedly dying with defenders. What gives?


It was supposed to be fixed, indeed, and now - thanks to your valuable feedback - they can look into it and see why it doesn’t work as intended.

The most obvious answer is that airplane mode is not the particular method these guys are using.

Search next time.


Bollocks. Straight up no one could join 6-10 invites and counters were 0/2. We all know what that means…

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Good to see smart ass responses rather than addressing the substantive issue of cheating.

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You could have saved the time of making a new post by searching.

What part of “only be released to a subset of players initially” did you not understand? Don’t call someone’s reply smartassed just bc it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. It said in the release notes it wouldn’t be a feature for everyone and a simple search on airplane mode would’ve told you that.


What I am saying is that we DONT all know what this means. Yes it is highly suspicious and 95% chance it is cheating. But it may be some other method of cheating besides airplane mode. Maybe they closed one potential way to cheat but others still exist.

That’s all I am saying. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

As Ebony and Lutrus pointed out, the fix isn’t in effect yet for most players. And it’s not clear on if they fixed all known uses or just on very specific one.

I suspect I’d you report players it has a chance of getting folks added to the list who have it enabled. (I suspect it would need to be enabled on the attackers account)

wanted to do an airplane mode once the fix is out for everyone so I can see what would block me from doing it.

Of course, this will be done on a bronze league so it won’t affect anyone except maybe a few level 20 or so.

We made some additional tweaks to the original fix for all players from Diamond to Platinum yesterday the 9th around 1:30pm PT. If you’re in any of these leagues and still experience the airplane mode exploit, please PM me the time of battle and the name of the guild. Thanks in advance! :blush:


@DragonPunch Why just Diamond - Platinum?

Foreign teams per usual

Airplane mode wasn’t only used by teams not in your country…

I’m aware but somehow non English the arms are always involved. Not using it as a blanket term but just as an example, the thing with monsters dessert, and lots of the teams Fromm diamond who were cheating were Arab teams.

What is supposed to happen to it now dragonpunch? I just tested it with a friend and he was unable to join, both times we tested it.

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