I updated my fone when I downloaded the game the event off and I can't attack to tack egg tokens this first time this happened her I send email and u don't answer?



I’m assuming you meant to put the title information into the body potion of the post. I can’t see your screen shot but it sounds like you put a ticket in. All of my tickets have usually been answered or resolved within a few hours. So if you have put in a ticket then I would wait a little while for a response. If you haven’t then I would put in a ticket for your issue.

Edit - I can see your screenshot now. I also update my phone a little while ago and had similar issues with buildings. I restarted the app a few times and eventually it went back to normal.


That’s about 5h ago but it’s OK
Family WAR DRAGONS doing very good for us


OK I will do this thanks so much


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