I’ve got a question

So I see how some people have a title underneath their name known as Gameplay Faction(or GPF). How do you get into it?

It’s invitation only for the gameplay faction. Usually it’s for influential or skilled players to test new content and post suggestions.


GPF is an elite group of individuals who have very useful skill and insight in the game of War Dragons…

They have about as much input as we do on the forums :joy:


“Pg” we are releasing this new update what do you think?

“GpF” this Is awful dont release it…

“Pg” good, so we release tomorrow as planned… thanks GPF


Disclaimer - I don’t think I can get into trouble for saying any of this, but if I do, I guess all they can do is take away my cookies.

While I did laugh at this, I don’t think it’s as accurate as many might think. For the short time that I’ve been in the GPF, I have found PG to be receptive to the feedback they are given - when they ask for it.

We test dragons, and we test towers. PG specifically asks us to test these things. We provide feedback, and they do make changes based on that feedback. There is a lot of dialogue and a lot of iteration. To say that they don’t listen in those situations is a gross mischaracterization.

They do not ask for feedback on every decision they make or on every update they move forward with. When they do present us with an update idea, I feel that they do listen to our feedback; sometimes they can respond to it, and sometimes it feels like they’re being driven by their own external influences. But you may have noticed several of the GPF members expressing just as much outrage as the rest of the community in recent months over some of the more…controversial things that have happened.

And finally, they rarely engage in conversations about things they’re not ready to discuss. It doesn’t keep us from discussing those things, and trying to put the community’s concerns in front of them, but there’s never a guarantee that they’re considering things we are discussing in those conversations. That said, there have been a couple of times where someone in the GPF has said “Hey-yo, did you lot realize XXX? We did, and here’s why we think that needs to be fixed.”, and PG has come back and said, “Hrm. We didn’t. Lemme look into that and see what we can do.”


Doc thanks for the description. This helps explain a lot for me.

I’m glad there are insightful players who test these things. That is when they are asking for the help.

All we can do is hope PG will listen to experienced and reasonable voices who have a passion for the game. Thanks for helping (to all of you that is).

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