I want a cat dragon

I think it’d be interesting with how fickle cats are- one moment it’s scratching a bloody, painful hole in your calf (albeit small) and the next it’s just curling up on top of one of the towers. Come to think of that, when it curls up it could disable the tower and the next dragon would be able to get past it no problem.

sort of like this :^)
(this isn’t my art, by the way)

This thread could be of interest to you. I’d love a cat dragon too — I have five cats IRL lol.


Oh man, I’ve never seen that thread before. Guess I just created another irrelevant thread HAHA :joy: Sorry about that ://

It’d be great if any of those dragons actually became available, though.

No problem lol. I’d love to see some themed dragons that arent just loosely tied together per season (winter-themed, spring, etc)

Pretty sure kirin is a cat

It looks like a weird cat-dog-unicorn hybrid to me :laughing:

Close enough… :joy:

I mean…I always thought Kirin was Leos’ little sister?

They all look awful. I’m less interested in someone’s idea of art and more interested in decent spells. There are definitely some dog dragons out there

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Generally divines … occasional keeper and the rest you just wonder what you bought and why. It’s like only 1/10dragons are allowed to be good.

More like glam gf

if there is gonna be a cat dragon im done

I will try to make one for you