I want a refund this is unacceptable


All is fair in love and war…



:unamused: Still not satisfied, since you missed all those spells… Make it with pink BOOM!


@PGKharnyx we’re expecting candies and chocolate instead of food and wood.
Also, don’t forget the text as well :wink:


I bet there are players around loving this and other hating it (I am others btw). Let’s be fair and assume a 50:50 thingy.


The problem I have with this rubbish no one has ask you to do is the following. It feels like PG wasted resources to get this implemented instead of fixing all the bugs is driving me nuts.


:thinking: not really wasting anything if Art team is separated from Bug Fixing team…


Hate the pink hearts.
I need to turn them off
What were you thinking!!!


Good point, I lost progress due to the bugs during the pvp! They could fix these instead of filling my land with pink hearts.


And more rainbows for all dragons. Fluffy fireballs exploding into hearts. Friendly mage faces. Or throbbing hearts instead of skulls for the mages. Decoration for the towers. You barely scratched the surface.


Everything look like little flying butts with tails. How can this be turned off ?



On IOS -

  1. Long press on the app
  2. press on the ‘x’ button on the top left corner
  3. confirm un-install on the pop-up.

Easy. :hugs:


They’ve been promoted from their quality control department


Bunnies would be better than hearts lol


Well, at least for once Destar’s flame thrower doesn’t completely obscure the damage bar on the tower he is attacking. I vote to keep the hearts if that’s what it takes to solve that problem.


You may be able to endure this time of harship by shifting your perspective. Perhaps you could choose to see it as your UVS is regurgitating the thousands of mortal hearts that the mighty Norns have consumed over the centuries?


Nollaig has the perfect remedy for this. Winter’s Bite :grin:


@PGJared I wonder if the self destruct if chunk would the be a massive heart explosion.


Chill out people. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Deal with it for 2 weeks or so like we deal with the whiners all year


Winner winner chicken dinner


This :point_up:


No one would whine if the damn game worked as intended… they can spew pink hearts but they can’t fix real issues. Good times!


Hey, I get that you’re joking, but let’s not with the cancer jokes please.

I don’t normally say this to folks, but here it is. You’re overreacting. This is a seasonal reskin which will happen for a little while and then go away. It’s not a permanent change and doesn’t impact the actual mechanics of the game in any way.

The art team doesn’t fix bugs. They also don’t develop game features. They make art and new skins and such.

See above. Wrong team.

I wish. That’d be super cool.

Exactly this.