I want a refund this is unacceptable


That made me laugh :laughing: serious though my dragons are evil. I give them evil names and they BURN sh*t down with FIRE :fire: the mortals flee in their wake. Now I log in to see my Pathox has some kind of infection given to him by a care bear that mated with a Pokémon.


Assuming you ground up his wb runes which would cripple this dragon.


and now all I can think of is Anya from Buff the Vampire Slayer singing about bunnies and I thank you for that. Must watch that 50 more times


I cant believe people over reacting to a bit of holiday fun. Now our dragons can kill with love. Besides the reactions team mates have is hilarious. Anywhere from flying b***s to dragon spitting pink balls on fire, to someone typing while on a run, “why you dragon spitting hearts😂”


The team that works on effects are a completely different team from the one who works on bugs. If the effects team tried to fix bugs they’d just make more as they’re not qualified so… kind of a stupid argument.


Has PG considered… monetizing some of this? Given that it’s mostly extra or fun, I’d prefer stuff like this be monetized instead of key components of gameplay. Many people would pay a few dollars for a cool base reskin, or the option to customize color regions on their dragons. Or Superman capes. Yes.


I’m sure someone has. I generally try not to make suggestions around monetizing additional things.





Although if you are going to monetize something, cosmetics seem like the way to go, since it doesn’t affect game play :eyes:


Yeah, I thought the dragon appreciation packs were cool, though overpriced


Wigs and enormous fake eyelashes. :+1:


Not trying to be a jerk but I believe it was found that the flame attack for two dragons was slowed by the pink hearts.

Overall, I agree though, lighten up people.




How about the art team changes the dragons’ fire to glitter? I’m pretty Red would love that


The fire ball spell will now be a glitter bomb instead of a firey explosion :rofl: That’d actually be kinda cool.


I legitimately want a warrior that sprays rainbow fire all over everything and leaves it with a rainbow burn. I love Axi but we need even more rainbows. maybe give it a rainbow light effect like Archimera has


If I was new to this game and had just downloaded it or if I had a friend try to get me to play and saw this I would quickly uninstall it. Think about all the new players you have potentially chased away with them thinking this was how the game was. :man_shrugging: Trust me there are a lot of dragon games out there. Just food for thought.


@Blackfire565 you took the thought right outta my head. Best line in the finale evar.


There is something wrong with my game.

Until recently I could shower the world with love until even the very towers burst into a cloud of hearts. Now all my dragons spout beams and fire and destruction. I tried everything I could to fix the effects, Axi is the only dragon that still has some positive influence, with rainbows and chimes that shower the base you pay a visit to.

How do I fix this please? Help!