I want my Sigils back

I’m totally wasting sigils to get a dragon I don’t want. Take back Coatl, give me the Sigils and come out with a Warrior.

I don’t think they refund due to buyers remorse.


There is a warrior coming.


So Coatl sucks?

Lol if they do like this then all will get dragons do test flying then give back to PG for spent sigils . PG not a leasing company .

Take this as a lesson and plan for next season correctly . Be patient .


Yea coatl sucks dude. Sorry.

Why did you waste sigils on a dragon you didn’t want? And how is that anyone’s fault but your own?


The amount of fiddling around to correct a full refund would be insane. Gold chests and their prizes taken back, resources removed, progress made by using resources removed, event progress removed and appropriate prizes removed, team contributions and prizes. That AND coatl was discounted so you would end up with less stuff.

Sorry mate but you made the choice. You have to live with it. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone else that you get special treatment. Just save and switch later

Take responsibility for your game and research what is good before you spend. There were plenty of people who could tell you what was strong

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Because I wanted the resources, not the dragon.

And you’ve got what you wanted then. Just consider the dragon as a bonus


Wait what?

So you spent sigils on Coatl line to get the resources. Which you got.

Now you want a refund when you already got what you were after in the first place?

Make up your mind dude! :man_facepalming:

PG really SHOULD give you a refund, take away all the RSS you got for half price then let you spend your sigils on a full price line. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: (this post deserves as many :man_facepalming: as I can fit into it)



Let me help.


Love this - I’m saving it

:man_facepalming: FTW!

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I thought he sucked when I got him but evolved to green hes not bad. I dont fly sorcerer drags that well anyways

:rofl::rofl::rofl: got no words for this :joy::joy:

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