I want to give feedback for 200 rubies but


Just file a support ticket with screenshots and they’ll credit you. I was accredited 200 rubies for just getting the notification, clicking the link, and I even didn’t answer the survey. (Cuz page was blank)


Got nothing either. Thank you for the reminder!




I have not been able to finish a survey yet! And the first one they said I would get the rubies…never did. After this one, just hitting “No”.


I got another today as well


I get them all the time and always for a different amount! I wonder if the 25 gem one will load if the 200 one, won’t.


This is all actually a test of the following:

  • what reward would cause people to click on the link?
  • what reward would cause people to come onto forums and complain if link doesn’t work?
  • what reward would cause people to actually submit tickets in game if link doesn’t work?

None of the above requires an actual working link - so that’s why it doesn’t work.


As much as I hate to say it…that’s funny. Doubt it’s true, but…


Seriously this is 5th time from last 1 year that I’m unable to give feedback. Actually I have never been able to give them feedback. Feels like scam.

It seems everything out of control and there is no escalation process as people sitting for that job either don’t care or incompetent.


Yeah its been like this twice now shouldnt be suprised by now.




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