I was banned (penalties too severe)

Good morning to all, I have not been able to enter my account for a few days … I have contacted the admins several times to find out why I have removed the account and the only thing they respond to me once and again is that they cannot tell me the Reason why the cab have banned me. I would like to know at least why they have done it if I have never used hacks or anything similar. I have spent a lot on the game and it is the only hobby I have, I would appreciate if you can help me, have a good day.

@PGJared always gives good advice

But honestly did someone log into your account? @Croissant95

nobody, never leave my account to anyone and thanks for taggin him! Have a nice day

theres a reasoning for the ban :neutral_face:

@Prince There should be a reason for them to do it and that is exactly what I want to know! I honestly think it was a mistake because I never cheated in the game

What message does it say when you try to login


well if u did not cheat u account shared many folks deny it until he puts it out there

Submit a ban appeal here https://wardragons.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Posting on the forums without going through that process will do nothing.

jerad will tell him why he was banned lol usually does if asked

Pretty sure he only does that if there’s been an appeal and a ticket created. He ain’t got time to be looking all this stuff up without a good reason.

do a search on past he just looks up names lol and does a quick run thru and if u read homie does have a ticket put in lol @Anduril

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I know of several “banned” players that truly did nothing against the rules. One of the most frequently happening ban is that pg has a program that looks for alleged hacking. How ver, what is actually happening is a glitch when collecting prizes in events. They don’t always disappear and so the player reclaims them and are given them twice. It looks to the computer program as though the player is hacking to get more prizes. It is extremely frustrating on both sides. So listen to the previous poster and file for an appeal. They are taken seriously and some players do get back in. Good luck.


I suspect there was a reason…


surely that is, because I never cheated, I wake up one day, I try to enter my account as I always do and they put that message on me … I’ve been trying to contact them again and again for almost a week. Thank you very much for the information!

Well thats scary, because that happens a lot for me when the sync isn’t correct and it reloads.


Worst of all, I can’t even change my account, won’t let me do anything in the game, these lost days, who will reward me? :expressionless:

Jared will be back tomorrow, until then did you message support? @Croissant95


Oh, ok, thanks for letting me know and sure I spoke several times with them, since the last time a few hours have passed and I am unanswered, it seems they are not interested … my last hope is here

sounds about right, let’s hope you were banned on accident and hopefully will be reverted.