I will never forget



When you start playing WD, there are few things the actual game will teach you, build a tower, fly the starter dragon, breed, hatch , and all other super simple stuff. Thats all and you are on your own.

Then came wardragons.info

I would say all basics till complex, till you can tweek the guides and make ur own strat in every aspect of the game , I say i mightve learned from there. I couldnt access forums back then hence I couldnt
Ask the newbie questions, i got wrong advice from LC and teammates from building a base and not even mentioning me that there are events every week that i have to save tokens , timers … etc!

I am thanking the owner of the page and your team for such effort and whoever mentioned me abt this website.

Also i want to mention first videos ive ever watched iman ghr and Odins nemesis.

My foundation of wardragon experience.

There are alot of other guides , before and after them, im just saying they were my first guides. And as a newbie back then this site was more easy to understand and made sense .

I also want to say theres no other website that teaches you things from newbie - average player. Am I giving too much credits on this website? Yes, I learned wardragons with few clicks and few reads.



Your kind words are appreciated. The website started as a reference point for my team and I at the time, and it has grown a lot since then. While today the contributors (and many there are) and I attempt to keep easy-to- understand basic guides for newer players (such as found in the Academy that xxBoudica runs and several contribute their time and effort towards) to player editors of individual dragon guides (Our Favorite Pilots) adding more than just statistics but that need to know stuff around helping you decide if you’re really going to bother leveling a dragon up and use it daily. The Museum the Curator has built with it’s own community of regular artists one of whom has begun to create and teach art classes in the Academy has been an empowering and aesthetically pleasing break from numbers and statistics for players (including giving me a worthy excuse for not keeping all my numeric data always up to the most recent updates). The Player Blogs which have given a voice to War Dragons game enthusiasts where they share their own guides, experiences, tips, rants, and more. Creative writing contests have been a popular recent addition where BeledinesSoul and I have enjoyed reading and rewarding authors. For the last 2 years also I’ve offered free team pages for guilds to help them promote their families. And, there is a whole lot more than I can write here. We try to keep the site fun but useful for newer players but also offering an opportunity for the “experts” to contribute their wisdom as much as they are able and offering. Thank you for your post and for your support of WarDragons.Info


I second this post. There is no WD site more dedicated to the player and the community than wardragons.info. It’s player centric and many of us appreciate that. We appreciate it a lot, even when it’s left unsaid.

Thank you, Alleviates. No one does WD like you.


Right??? They (her wd.info team)made things no one would even bother to do cuz u know, who would love to explain things to noobs :woman_shrugging:t3: Lets not be hypocrite. They might have been the reason why a few hundred or thousands kept playing the game cuz they understood how to play it all cuz of them.

I just thought they really deserve a good credit. :tipping_hand_man:t3:


You bud are the bees knees! :kissing_heart::rose::rose:

And @Alleviates, you are the queen bee. :kissing_heart::honeybee::honeybee:


While I do appreciate wardragons.info for everything that they’ve done over the years, (and yes, it is a lot easier than trying to much your way through the forums)
Red also has a site that is easy to read and navigate, and literally all the best guides are there (Red’s breeding, mechengg’s base stuff, etc) I’m not trying to stir up any poop, but this this post was about war dragons sites I thought I would share another resource. If you prefer one over the other that’s your choice and not trying to say your wrong. Just want to make sure that people know that.
At any rate, here you go. It says it’s a soft launch right now, so I assume it’s not quite finished. But the stuff that is already there is pretty freakin amazing:
Edit to clarify… this is Poseidon. Yes I am on Red’s team, yes I designed her logo, both sites have their merit, I was stating a preference.


The more the better in my opinion. Thank you! :kissing_heart:




Very uncool man.


I don’t see how posting additional info is uncool. I was playing from my alt account when I posted that. Alleviates is nice enough to post my stuff on her site, I don’t see it as a slam against her if that is what you are implying. Did I design the logo for Red’s site… sure. But I believe the more resources the community has, the better. (FYI I changed my name to go with the theme of the team). Sorry if I should have been more clear about that. The more resources the better, correct? I didn’t realize this was an Alleviates vs Red post


i dont know if you have beef with her/him, but i dont like your being disrespectful. You using wordings like “ i had a site pop up in my chat today” (pretending to be newbie)and the fact you edited your post just made it clear that u are really up with something.

And credits to red , yes im using her guide. And credits to your teammates effort making impeccable guides. This is no sarcasm. I just find your post disrespectful. Sorry I wasnt born yesterday, maybe u can fool somebody else but not me.

Apology accepted. Dont do it again.


@PoseidonPQ actually designed our logo quite a ways back and had no idea the site was soft launched or even what was on it until I posted it into a small chat. For clarification sake.


MY apologies for the wording there… it popped up in a chat that I had not mentioned it in, that I had not prompted anything about, etc… I have only had one cup of coffee this morning and brain is still untangling itself. And as I clearly stated, I have no beefs with Alleviates at all, she has provided a great service for the community. Even re-reading my post I don’t see where it could be taken that way unless it is solely posted on this post. To clarify, I was stating a preference. If Alleviates takes offense and wants to take it up with me, I have no doubt she will. She’s mature enough that I highly doubt she’ll read it that way though.


Also if you ever looked at the majority of my posts, I am constantly editing because I am horrible at proofreading my posts. And I edited for clarification since you had made an accusation that I did something which is not something that I had intended to do


Let’s just be thankful to them both and all contributors involved for creating good sources of info for all levels with the intent of helping the community.


Please, let’s not make this about anything against Allie. I know Allie, she wants to help the War Dragons community and anything that helps the players makes her happy. The lady has a huge heart. :heart_eyes:


I don’t understand why there would be any animosity about any of this. I don’t think it’s a competition. The more the merrier. If you look at both and prefer one over the other then knock yourself out and use the one you like.

I use both and am EXTREMELY thankful. If I could buy them a beer or six someday I’d certainly do so.




Sorry , in my perspective its like… i posted…

Kobe bryant is so good …yadayadayadayada…

Then “his comment”

Yes kobe so good… but I find lebron james really awsome and he is better.

Its kind of a disprespect to the post especially on “appreciation type of post” . Or maybe its just me who is thinking that way. Sorry I had to reply on that so I can explain myself as to why i responded like that to him.

And no flames @PoseidonPQ , i know ur a cool and good man /player/ cf member.
I hope we cool.

Ok I’ll take this. Cheers beers :beers:


But Lebron IS better.



Im a lebron fan myself