I will never forget


Kobe is cuter tho :slight_smile:


What a turn of topic :joy:


Maybe it’s just because i’m Canadian


I don’t watch basketball so don’t know their skills. I do watch football and can comment on it. One of my members did get slightly unhinged when he said Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever … and I said he’s cute. :rofl:


Good ol steve


Being a Chicago boy… I have to go Jordan all day…


Did you go off topic your own thread Zaz :joy:

Just like Kinnara/Amarok/Tarand, WarDragon.info has a historical and memorable place in the hearts of those a while back. Good that newer players have a choice now. But still, it’s a place in my heart thing.


This subforums is made to specifically go off the topic of the OPs off-topic discussion right? :stuck_out_tongue:


I gave a scenario related to my response. :woman_facepalming:t3:


without a question.


Hahahaha I’m just kidding with you. I like wardragons.info the same way i like my NES, even though i spend time on my PS4 more if i was to play. But when NES mini was out i ran all over the place just to get a taste of what its like again. As your topic suggests, i will never forget.


Lol someone can’t even say thank you w/o it becoming a cock fight.