I wouldn't mind some sigils from chests

I don’t know about anyone else but I think i’m seeing one 25 sigil pack every 50 bronze chests opened. Or perhaps even LESS. I haven’t seen one in a Gold chest either and i’m playing my game and my kids this weekend. Its pretty appalling and i’m not spending any $$$ as i’m not going to buy gold chests to have NOTHING of value in them (hardly any energy as well).

I hope this isn’t deliberate.


I’ve gotten a handful of 25 sigils from bronze chests (I’ve opened about 60-70 this event). As for gold chests, they are there. I’ve gotten quite a few legendary sigil gold chests).

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I’ve only gotten them in gold if I opened 10 at a time myself but they are there

I’ve been complaining about the drops in sigils since Anuba was unveiled. It is getting ridiculous

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not getting sigils eitherm maybe 2 for this entire event

Buying the legendary sigils chests and 6 out of 10 have 25 sigils in them. That doesn’t seem very legendary to me

The legendary bonus is for every 30 chests. It’ll tell you on the drop if it’s epic or legendary.

There’s also a drop rate thread showing pulls. Caveat emptor.

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