Ice and fire shards

I don’t know if there has been a thread addressing this issue but I am very frustrated with one type of currency for the fire and ice turret. I am never going to need the fire turret and I open gold chests with 1000 fire shards. An absolute waste. Have a common currency called “tushards” if you will for both of them so it’s waaay easier and not wasteful

Even better suggestion will be integrate them with Elemental Ember.

:thinking: Thought it’s been discussed elsewhere…


We could just get rid of the individual elemental moniker and combine them into a singular resource of “Shards” or maybe call them “elemental shards” while simultaneously increasing the drop rate for embers.

Edit: Maybe make a new wind turret that depletes a dragons ammo (invokes/hunter) perhaps that would be too op but it’s a different kind of idea

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The problem with ice and fire shards is the massive number of them out there in some players’ inventories. Fortunately as long as the towers are relatively obsolete this doesn’t matter that much. Except to new players who can’t build flak yet and higher level f2p & e2p players who can’t build enough flak to keep leveling.

In other words, i think this already happened and it’s called elemental embers and the flak series, which are slightly less dumb than the turret series!

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