Ice Flak? Any good?

I know there was a previous thread claiming these were useless back in Jan/Feb. Have they been buffed or fixed since then??

Yes. And yes.

OK awesome. So what’s the consensus now, are they good? As good as fire flak? better?

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Very good but completely different use then a fire flak!

Think of Ice Flak more of a specialty tower but as one they still are powerful too!
No they are not as strong as a Fire Flak but they are not supposed to be…They are not your Dark & Fire Flak so hard to compare!
But very good towers!

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Different utility :man_shrugging:t3: Like anything, it depends what you’re up against. Do you want to disable a hunter from stuttering blue? Do you want to wreck rajin’s day? Ice flak can do that for ya.

Do you want to hurt destar and stop him from out damaging heals? Do you want to have loads of burst damage in combination with DF? Do you wanna watch hau fall out of the sky bc of careless crumbles? FF can do that for ya.

It’s all about where your base is at and what you’d like your base to be :man_shrugging:t3:


At this moment all 3 flaks are best towers in the game.
Any new player should try to get Fire/Dark Flak and Ice flak along with 2 coloured mage and storm setup on perch island. Ice turrets are losing their value in comparison to these flaks :slightly_frowning_face:

I would really recommend against players going for the double flak setup right away. Unless they are big spenders they won’t be able to obtain enough elemental embers to level them up in parallel, you can barely get enough to level 1 and keep it at max level so their levels will suffer heavily.

Get a dark flak, level it with your base and always keep it max level.
Once you have an EXTRA bunch of embers (varies by level, but i use the figure 60k usually for a L50 flak) then build a second flak.


Agree. Those 3 flak should be target not necessarily initial requirement.

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If u can place 6 towers on ur perch island…sure :joy:

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‘/‘ symbol is considered as OR


Alot of the new dragons have fire flak resist so id pick ice flak over fire currently… figures as i JUST build a fire flak… :frowning:

I’d been regretting working on Ice Flak over Fire Flak on my back island, but this thread is giving me some hope.

Was going to make a fire flak next fort…I hate when I feel like I made up my mind and then just like that I haven’t

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I just built a fire flak from 1-33 last fort. I definitely prefer it over the ice turret, but now I’m wondering if I should have built an ice flak. :thinking:

OK you guys convinced me to keep leveling the ice flak… I have all 3 types on my long island.

Ive been thinking about using the Ice flak on my short killer island in lieu of the blue mage. Any thoughts on that?

Logic being that as long as you super shot the ice flak all spells are countered anyway so no need for a blue mage. Still need the red one to avoid getting it frozen/locked down/etc before it gets a chance to shoot.

My hau and the rest of my hunters think that’s a really good idea :smiling_imp:


I drool when I see no blue mage. Literally. I become like a Neanderthal caveman…

I also drool when I see no storm… :joy:


Kind of Disagree with this!

Fire Turrets to easy for players to make them a non-factor.
So like some dragons who have Dark Flak resists and if you disregard Fire Flaks then basically 3 of the strongest towers now either uselsss or not being used.

Imo I think to have an effective setup to the most possible dragons just some more then others.

And Ice Flaks bring some power but also the ability to disrupt players with the ability to stop active spells and freeze future spells! Obviously these are great towers too!

The Dark Flak will always be #1 with great power and stuns But I think Fire Flaks very important as secondary kill tower…Because all to often with bases with one Dark Flak and other towers lacking power you’ll see players Sand Red & immediately DG the Dark Flak then most all the rest of base is a walk in the park.
Idk could be wrong but I think the strongest bases have more variety.

I worked on Dark Flak then Fire and then Ice and then after getting all 3 up started working on 2 more Dark Flaks.

But in your vast drooling experience, have you ever drooled on one that had a high level ice flak instead of the blue mage? How did that go?

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