Ice flak cancels UVS shield?


hey all. 3rd time this has happened (I think). Is an ice flak super shot supposed to cancel UVS’s shield when he time warps backward? Something is knocking the shield out right away…just not sure what it is.


Probably an ice flak SS that fires just as you click rewind.


you pressed shift late i believe


ice flak SS does dispel shields


it says here


It’ll disable it. It’s possible to dodge it like all flak shots but you have to get the timing right


Did ice flak supershot also cancel blast (aibrean spell), invert.
So curious and lazy to search


No, you could dodge it using that


I thought it didn’t cancel “passive” or defensive spells.


How do you do this after a rewind and the defender then puts a super shot on the ice flak?


If defenders wait and put ice Flak SS after you rewind back, you are dead :skull: :thinking:. Still not convinced if I shall go for UVS or not… once people learn how to defend it it will be probably useless.


The ice flak supershot is at it’s core still a flak shot.

Aibrean’s spell, Flash, dodges all flak shots. It’s unaffected by the Ice flak. I assume Aristrat’s white variant does the same.

I’m pretty sure invert does not invert flak shots.


why do you put word passive in the bracket? there is nothing mention defensive spell or attacking spell. it is active ability so if you dont want the shield to be blown off, dont activate it.


equip blue cloak spell and use it where there is no blue mage, maybe


So, you are rewinding and it puts you right back in front of an ice flak, which then SS you and cancels your shield? Sounds like a lesson learned; don’t set your rewind point in front of an ice flak/kill it before you cast alter fate. You could also do the above mentioned and equipped a cloak for situations where you can’t use AF.


That’s what I’ll probably have to do. Or take the ice flak out before shielding. I just thought a shield was a shield was a shield…but as you said lesson learned.


Ice Flak is like a Cannon +. It’s spershot does break shields, and it’s also cancels any active spells and prevents you from casting any spells for about a second if it’s hits you. That is the key term. If you are shielding, you are still technically being hit (or your shield is) so the debuffs take effect. To my knowledge, the only ways to avoid an Ice Flak SS are with cloak and it’s variants: shroud, flash, dissipate, timeshift, spectral form, alter fate, etc.
Self Destruct is sometimes used by experienced flyers to avoid damage, but I am not sure it would work in this instance and I think the Ice Flak would cause the spell effect to end.


He seems less worthwhile after finding this out.


Yup. With the high rage cost Gunnar and Hild will probably end up being as good/better. Nerfed from the beginning :frowning:


Depends on who’s piloting. I imagine @Lutrus could likely pull off great things with UVS. I like that it’s actually a skill based warrior and not a “press your face against your device and win” warrior as we’ve seen become more of the norm with later tier warriors