Ice Flak Footage

Hope its cool i post some relatively new/ old footage of the ice flak. Just a strategy, only 1 lol.

Also, was fun and look forward to more friendly battles @Lucifer

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I think they are underrated.
I build an ice flak, purely for it’s range.
It’s sitting behind my kill island and attacking anything trying to destroy my dark flak.

Also, I don’t think there is a dragon with iceflak resist ?

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Nollaig has ice resist on him. Not sure if anyone else does or not. @Dreacarys

Isn’t it Necryx more suitable on that setup?

He falls like the rest, so far…

Can I see vids for a reference, just in case?

Without the blue mage there all the attacker has to do is shoot entrap and cloak while it’s in air. I could see any hunter with cloak and a locking spell being a big problem with that current setup. Either way ice flaks definitely have their utility.

I want to try

I’m thinking hau :eyes:

Maybe I’ll do necryx and fomhar as well. Both of them are in garnet tier.

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you should use aibrean since there is no blue mage


That’s almost identical to my kill isle setup.
I can drop Nec, Noc, Air, Fom, Hau, Corth(needs a ton of hammers) Nept, etc… Destar doesn’t even flinch.
It’s pretty solid.
Just tried this layout after last fort and after a few more weeks of testing I might keep it and rerune my isle. For now it’s just the test phase.

Give me 10min

Why dark flak in the back?


Mostly cause I’m curious right now how it will hold up. With certain vine or freeze spells it’s the first three towers that they always shoot so I threw it in the back to keep it active after Noc/Corth/Fom etc throw their first spell. Ice and dark unaffected and able to throw the full weight of their attacks.

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I cant even count the layouts ive been through, its good to learn all the little differences and the payoff of having everything unfold so true design can have its moment to shine…i find it interesting just how much all the subtle differences can stack in a way that is unexpected by surface judgement

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Going to game, if anyone would like a try at my layout then please feel free to drop a PM on me in game.

No judgements, i probably understand better than most of what it takes to try new things, to explore unfamiliar territory

What level is your base?

We are same level :grin:
Sent PM, You didn’t defend?

Why random lightning towers scattered?
Kill island would be much better with blue mage.
Also why set farms up like that? Just curious

To counter resists

Im starting to think of newer layouts, just stepping stones and learning process

To force attacker into careful timing of their attacks, choices in priority, effective balance to the island in general with defense capability, and also bc attacker can go over 70% at the start of my home island…a quick hammer or two can spoil that and provide a good laugh, at the least is effective at stopping a war hit from getting 5 flames

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