Ice flak over fire question

Okey so i have a question for all of you experienced players:

Before we get started I know different dragons have different weaknesses and all. I’m currently using Kaiji and Dreth.

When I attack players with my Platinum Dreth 31 mil AP i hesitate attacking bases (20 mil DP +) with ice flaks as Dreth has no resist and relies on the shield, before i can cast spells ive allready got stunned by dark flak, drained with rage and killed. Ice flaks also have the power to shut down Hunters and Warriors in some regards.

When attacking bases with fire flak setup even 80 mil DP+ i can take it out with my Dreth.

So I’m not saying this is bad or this is OP. I’m simply asking for advice for my own base as I’m currently have Fire flak setup. I’m level 126 with maxed out fire flak and dark flak.

Do i stick with my fire flak setup or do i switch to ice flak? Switching should hurt my overall DP long term a little bit i Guess as it’s hard to keep 3 flaks maxed.

What is your experience when attacking bases with fire and Ice bases?

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Ice flaks are important to stop dragons like dreth because of that white shield but in my experience (I fly hunters exclusively) ice flaks do a fat load of nothing to my main dragons due to cloak blink and whatnot. Fire flaks tend to be much more punishing against tanky warriors (which don’t have a white shield. See chelonoth for example.) or hunters because of their base damage being very high. However ice flaks do stop some warriors (haku, cavaleris, etc) and most sorcerers. So it’s a toss up. If you can only maintain two flaks, I’d suggest dark and ice like you have now. The problem with that being that you’ll need a storm tower or something similar which is low damage output so you’ll primarily rely on your dark flak exclusively to deal damage making your base fairly weak against some more tanky dragons and a good hunter flier will pass through easily but the average joe who’s picked up a hunter will have a harder time.

Replace DF with IF? :upside_down_face:

Sounds like you basically advice me to stick with my Fire + Dark flak setup ?
can iceflaks supershot while freezed? Im getting Meglok this week, just curious :slight_smile:

No. They can’t shoot through the freeze if you hit it fast enough and they can’t supershot while frozen.
Edit:thanks orca

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It all depends on what you want to stop. Every setup has a weakness. I just laid them out. In your position I’d stick with fire flak to not compromise my base levelling.


No. Even its midair projectile will be stopped.

Is megloks tangle thing a freeze or lockdown? I haven’t done my research on him lol

Kelpy freeze things.

It’s the seaweed croc :crocodile: ability. Yes it stops all super shots on small kill island if you are quick enough to trigger.

Use 3 flak towers set up on the small kill island is good.
Those setups with Ice Flak are good.

The first one is terrible, the second one is fine. Any island missing a mage or a shield is just cardboard cannon fodder.


2 mages on the kill island is a must.
Shield… yeah it is good but not a must

So what do you guys prefer if you had the choice to pick one (either fire/ice flak) on an island with 1 Dark flak?

I picked electro at first (which is definitely not a good choice in retrospect) so I got to make the new choice relatively late. I choose the ice flak in the end, because it can shut down a wide range of annoying dragon ablities. So far I’m not regretting that choice (had the ice flak from 300 to 382 so far).


My choice

  1. DF
  2. IF
  3. Earth or FF
    Depends on Layout
    FF for a Longkill as third flak, earth flak short kill as third flak


The utility of the ice flak on a defended base handles soooooo many dragons, especially seasonal dragons. Really the only thing it won’t help with are a handful of warriors (Chelonoth, Tez, Nollaig) and sorcerors (Sylphen?, Hildr, Zotz), and Hunters. And with the Hunters, if they can deal with an ice flak, they most likely deal with a fire flak.

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IMO, best 3 flak combo is:
FF, IF, Earth

FF to reduce dragon damage by 50%
IF to drop shields
Earth for HP boost and shield


Cancels shield.

Cancels shield and regeneration.

Cancels rampage and the shield.

Ice flak absolutely destroys Sylphen, what are you talking about? :joy:

Can disable the cloak for long enough to kill him if hitting up.

Completely, totally false generalisation. Most hunters will still struggle with ice flaks as timing is essential with them, and even the second delay of having no spells can destroy them.

Well, depend. Is hard to max 3 or more flaks and since u already have 2 maxed Flaks, probably the best decision is to keep this path ( Df and Ff)
Supports your 2 flaks with a Storm Tower Or an Ice Turret and u will have great results.
Ofc plus both mages. @JimmyZan