Ice flak super shot disabled Necryx barrier for entire run

I don’t think this happens every single time, but I grabbed a screenshot last time it happened. All other spells came back working/unfrozen except barrier. I had barrier active at the time the super shot must’ve fired. Never was able to use it again after getting hit middle long island. Anyone else seen this happen on Necryx or any other dragon? Only happened on Necryx for me so far.


That’s a pretty spectacular bug haha! Ice flak OP! Did you file a ticket?
Maybe it’s related to the apophet bug?


Happened to me today too…

Everyone build one now! :joy:


Hadn’t filed a ticket yet. Seems support has been afk anyways. They haven’t answered either of my two other tickets since Friday.

Also haven’t been able to see it happen again. But I also haven’t noticed a single other ice flak super shot hit me while barrier active since that happened :joy:. Maybe it IS related to having to be active to get frozen permanently :thinking:

Had the same problem today with Apo’s nightfall. Greyed out for the rest of the run.

You had nightfall active when hit by super shot?

Probably, because i would have engaged it as Apo was approaching the island. I only noticed that it deactivated when I went to engage before the next island.

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