Ice Flak - Verdict?

Before even bothering with building any of these new tower types, I was hoping that there might be some early consensus out there as to their capabilities and how they stack up to Dark Flak.

Noticeable power differences? Rethink on how to properly use them?

Looking for informed opinions.

The information you seek will not be known until PG fixes this mess.

I’m telling my team to not spend shards or embers for the first few days.


Agreed, the in-game power is wildly different from the graphs they presented, there will be significant fixes in the next day or two for sure. Don’t spend embers until we have more clarity.

Same. And the sad thing is, our team just went through a ‘base audit’ for the last ±month.

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We just finished ours yesterday so I feel your pain :grimacing::grimacing:

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