Ice Flak vs Absorb Magic Spell


Hi. Anyone know, whats Ice Flak superahot or special attack when Absorb Magic activated or not (Opes Spells) thats spell can has been blocked until battle the ends?

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Please share the video if you have Opes :pray:


Are you asking if ice flak can disable absorb magic (for 1 second) or are you asking if there’s a video of an iceflak bug permanently blocking Opes’s spells (till battle ends)?


No. If just 1 sec, i trust you…
But, i ask what absorb magic can has been block from Ice Flak until the battle ends?

Maybe, glitch like your say


As far as I know, Ice Flak’s supershot should only disable it for a few seconds.


Ice flak is intended to disable active spells (shields, duration spells, etc) for a brief amount of time. It might be .5 seconds but it feels like 1 second. If it does disable your spells till the end of the round, it’s a bug and not intended (I have experienced it and it’s not fun.) there’s also an unfortunate ice flak interaction with balahm that many have complained about. I imagine will be even more popular as balahm becomes more widely used with his shield change.


I see. Maybe its glitch in Absorb Magic, i’ll tell to my teammates to share the video when hes running opes


It’s not limited to absorb magic. Cloak, reap, vanish, shift even have been vulnerable that I’ve seen or have reliably heard of.


I remember the ice flak supershot lasting 1.5s.

Similar case


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