Ice or fire turret

Kill isle. Ive got level 41 mages and level 41 dark flak and earth flak. Would you have the fifth tower be a level 34 ice or level 32 fire? Or even level 41 storm tower?

Since you already have an earth flak I wouldn’t get the storm. You need damage and the problem is the FT is slow and hits really hard and the IT hits medium, but it’s actually going to hit.

Honestly, I would put none of those towers on your kill. This is because the Ice Turret will do nothing useful for you beyond lowering hunter ammo regen, because the earth flak already does the health shield (Only one of them applies they don’t stack), and the fire turret is too low a level and too slow a tower to really function well on a kill island. And the storm like the Ice Turret has its role filled by the Earth Flak, and will be functionally useless.

Additionally Fire and Ice Shards for those turrets are difficult to come by, you can only get them from the base boost branch and chests opened during fort.

Meanwhile you have a really critical role on your base that isn’t being filled right now, which is Shield disruption. There are a lot of dragons that rely on white shields that will just walk over your base without a Cannon or ice flak. The Ice Flak is better since it blocks spell casting and removes any non passive buffs (like rampage for example), but will require a high number of embers. So if you can’t afford the ember cost of an Ice Flak, the cannon is your next best bet because it will destroy shields, which removes the threat of a lot of dragons.

But the most important thing you need above all else is a tower that is actually at the same level as the rest of the towers on your kill island.

Towers and dragons don’t level at linear rate but rather an exponential rate. For some made up numbers to demonstrate what that means:
Lets say a tower has 10 health at Level 1.

In an linear model that level 1 tower would upgrade to have 20 health, or two times the health of the level 1. A level 3 would have 30 health, etc.

In an exponential model a level 2 tower would have 100 health or 10 times the amount of health, and a level 3 tower would have 1000 health, etc.

Now War Dragons doesn’t use those exact numbers but it does use an exponential model of tower and dragon leveling. Which means proportional to your flaks and the dragons that you are facing those level 32 and 34 towers will do absolutely nothing and be a large liability on your base.

If you don’t keep all of the towers on your kill island leveled as high as you can, your base will be weaker than its level.



Thing is… i havent got the resources to build another flak, or to level up the turrets, at the moment… so i guess im shit out of luck… ive got my two storms at level 41 though. Just wondering what to do with what ive got… need to spend chests in breeding event to get myself through garnet… that was the plan anyways.

Honestly if you don’t have the resources to build another flak, you should probably either work on leveling up a cannon or stick the fire turret on there temporarily, with the intent to get it moved off when you are able to build up a better tower. The storm and the Ice Turret will be redundant.

Thanx alot :slight_smile:

I would just stick the ice turret there for now. I would not have chosen the Earth flak given the presence of two high level storms, and I’m not sure I wouldn’t try to walk it back and build a nice ice or fire flak even now. I don’t love a turret as the second damage tower in part because the shards are thin on the ground, but I don’t love any of the legacy (wood) towers either. As someone said recently,

If only bad building decisions weren’t meted permanent punishment in this game…


I totally agree.
Cannon, with some runes/Glyphs to increase its attack and supershot.
Even Earth Flak Attacks runes are quite good.
If u will chose to build a Cannon, remember to research the relative improvements in Hall of Research. ( there is a research that increase Speed Projectile and Damage, all in 1)

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