Ice turret and earth flak shield at the same time

Will an ice turret protect an earth flak while the earth flak also protects the ice turret?
If this is true then do the towers in the island have 2 shields?

I think not, I think one shield will replace the other, similar to how towers can only have one dragon debuff (a second one will remove the first).

That said, it’s not that I’ve ever tested it, nor do I know of anyone who has, so it is possible that they do stack. But based on what I know of how other mechanics work, I feel one displacing the other is more likely.


Is it possible for the shields to switch over time,
alternating every few seconds?
And if the possibility where the a shield will remove the first one , what will happen if both supershots are activated manually?

I can’t imagine anyone would’ve built in a mechanism like that, so I’m fairly confident that’s a no.

They will never fire at exactly the same time, so whichever is first, even if by a fraction of a second, would get replaced by the second.


Lets say that 1 shield is active.
What would happen if I activated the other shielding tower when the person is going to attack the first shielding tower?

Example - The storm shield is activated , and when the person is attacking the storm tower, I activate the ice turret shield.

If I continuously alternate the shields this way will it work?

I’m not sure what you expect it to do, alternating doesn’t do anything more than just activating one shield. If you trigger the ice turret, it shields the storm tower, and if you activate it again, it shields the storm with a fresh shield again. No need to alternate anything for that.

No what I meant is can I activate the second shield to protect the first shielding tower when the first tower is being attacked?

I’m sorry but I can’t really make sense of your question. What makes you think it could be any other way?

Newbiness? :sweat_smile:

Can you be specific on what effects of what towers you want to ask about?

Is it icet and earthf like the title says?

Or are you asking about icet and storm?

I get what you are asking.
You activate Storm/Earth Flak shielding all towers on the island.
Attacker will have to kill that tower to remove shield.
While attacker is hitting it you activate Ice Turret putting a shield over all towers.
The only problem is the shield from Ice Turret is not an invincibility shield.
So the attacker will be able to kill the Storm/Earth.

You may be able to alternate once. This might get a second SS from storm/Earth and with dragon now closer give your towers a better chance of killing it.
You wont however be able to alternate the two shields and keep all your towers alive.

2 storm towers shield don’t stack
2 earth tower shield don’t stack
storm and earth tower shield don’t stack
Ice turret HP shield does stack with earth (or storm) tower shield
2 ice turret HP shields do stack


Yes, Ice Shield will boost Earth HP and Earth Shield will boost Ice Turret HP.
The other towers will gain ONLY 1 shield, those HP boosts aren’t cumulative.

Both towers combined create an chaos effect when ss is activated for both…so Ice turret shield does stack with earth. This question was discussed previously here:


Nope, Earth HP boost and Ice Shield don’t stack, only 1 HP boost will be applied to the other towers.
Insted if u are talking about Earth Invincibility Shield and Ice Shield, then yes they stack because are different boosts ( 1 is invincibility while the other is a HP boost).

But again 1 time, yes, Earth Flak and Ice Turret will boost HP each other

Yup…that’s it…and you called it chaos lol…How’s going?

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Some time ago I had the Ice Turret and Earth combo and yes, they created Chaos XD

I still have this combo…And I like the Chaos XD, thanks to you lmao!

Still a great combo.

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The only chaos ice turret and storm/earth create is visual and only affect poorer flyers.