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Is there a reason level 59-60 on ice turrets say it will take 1.4m ice shards? I know we all complained about having too many but…
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I am not sure about iOS as some people have level 60s but on android in the csv file it definitely has 1.48m ice shards.


Looking into that one.


Sorry about that folks! We actually fixed this pricing error shortly after it was discovered. The correct costs are as follows:

5000 Ice Shards to level 59
1.1M Lumber to level 60

This cost applies to Fire & Ice Turrets.


Thanks! I tried to upgrade and had a small stroke.


I do have to ask… why does a level 59 cost 5,000 shards when that is only giving equal points to using ~995,136 wood (1mil) to build a level 42 tower??? After level 21 all elemental towers give less points than normal towers that only require wood. Shouldn’t this be scaled so the points given is a steady incline and not a mess (see below)? I made a graph a while back over the points towers will give in fort events.


@Dragonpunch On android the cost is still showing the same. Do I need to try reinstalling again or are you pushing a hot fix?


Should be fixed on Android. Can you do a hard quit?


I tested on two phones using both force close and reset phone. Also uninstalled and reinstalled. Still getting 1485988 ice shards.


I am sorry for laughing so hard, no offense :joy::joy::joy: I can imagine your shock…


@DragonPunch @PGJared
This is the file still being used after a completely fresh install of the game.


Our team is taking a second (third) look at this.


It looks like they finally got it. I just restarted and checked and it is now asking for wood not ice shards. Thanks.


I just confirmed with the team that our initial fix for this failed to go through for Android. Thanks for letting us know that it’s now fixed.


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