Ice turret shield vs. Storm tower shield

The seems like the proper section for this question LOL. what is the difference between the ice Towers shield and the storm Towers Shield? I’ve I’ve been using the ice tower Shield exclusively and got rid of my storm Tower a while ago, but I was reading on another Forum post how most people have storm Towers at high levels.

Anyone know the pros and cons of each?

Ice tower adds 30% of the towers HP for an infinite duration where as storm tower provides an invincible shield for a set duration.

Both have different uses, I far prefer storm shield invincibility when actively defended to make sure it’s activated properly


Ice Turret shield doesn’t end?? :t_rex:

So in other words the ice current Shield only does a one time 30% HP boost?

Like a shield. It ends when it’s destroyed.

Ice turret shield pretty useless except to give a HP boost to the towers. However it can overlap so one ice can cover another.

Storm is far superior as it provides invincibility but cannot overlap so one storm cannot cover another.

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Storm shield

  1. Protects nearby towers through invincible shield for approx. 2-3 second.
  2. Invincible shield drops as soon as storm tower dies. So kill storm tower ASAP on well defended bases as it provides killer combo with flak tower.

Ice turret shield

  1. Adds 30% hp buff on nearby towers. Buff is permanent as you will notice the white circle on tower.
  2. 30% hp buff on nearby towers stays irrespective of ice turret gets killed or not. What should be done as attacker? Kill ice turret ASAP before its supershot add 30% hp buff to nearby towers.

Good to know facts

  1. 2 ice turret buff stacks to each other but not to nearby towers.
  2. 2 storm tower can’t shield to each other.
  3. Storm shield and ice turret buff stack.
  4. Ice turret was integral part of kill 5 setup but now with so many dragons with ice turret resist, it is losing its charm.

Need someone to test it :thinking:
Tested it. Seems that the buff is affected by the turret, not the tower.

Or alternative throw an extra hunter shot at each tower and just ignore the ice turret for a bit. It depends a lot on who your lead dragon is I guess, for me it’s still Avyx a lot and with him I really don’t care about ice turrets but really fear storm towers, especially if they protect the blue mage.

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I supershot my ice if the dragon has ice resist, or an aoe spell like corth. Otherwise I don’t supershot it at all. This is just to give my storm extra protection so I can hammer spam to save it from being killed.


I have both. I trigger both when defending, shielding each other so my storm doesn’t get destroyed as easily, and the ice turret is protected long enough to do some damage while the storm is being targeted (in case my dark flak gets sanded/entrapped/rainbowed).

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and ice turret is going to be sanded too before the elemental shield break

fomhar resist to ice turret

might work but after the bubble shield healing and axi pass the blue mage, he is gonna heal

Ice turret only work well against hunter like Aibrean nowaday

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