ICE TURRET + STORM - do they stack?


Quick question - if ice turret and storm tower are both SS-enabled, do they stack?

What I mean, is… assuming storm is in center of 5-cluster…

Does the storm tower get a HP shield from Ice Turret?

And does storm give temporary shields to all other towers?

Then when storm shield drops do other towers have HP shield from Ice Turret?



Yes, when the storm shield disappears the Ice shield will still be there.

Edit: the ice shield covers the storm cannon.


ok cool thanks :slight_smile:


one more question - does Super Shot enabling speed vary based on where on the island they are located if we are talking about one of the short islands with perch?

For example, if storm is in center and ice turret is in the back, does it fire slower giving someone time to get a shot off while turning? Am I better off putting the ice turret in the front row?


It depends on the range of the particular tower. I put my turrets to the elevated back of the island, the storm in the center, and they visually activate at the same time.


Does earth and storm stack ?
Does it make sense to have them on the same island?


you can’t put earth flak and storm on the same island

but for long island, you can have them on adjacent ends (first 5 put 1 in the back, then other 5 put the other in front), and they overlap eachother.



one more question ---- do HP shields stack with 2 ice turrets?


No idea.


No they don’t. Not anymore.


And also, no they don’t stack.

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Do multiple earth flak supershots stack on top of each other?


I don’t think so. For ice Turret + SF too I guess…


as in a earth - ice - electro. I believe so. If not someone can correct me


Am exploring the option of a earth-fire-dark :stuck_out_tongue:


yes they do, but there is no stacking really, only the earth flaks ss will affect other twrs and the dark/fire just deal damage to the enemy. i currently have that set up on my mini accounts kill island works quite well


No, I meant the residual hp buffs on towers from a first EF ss cast when a second supershot is fired :eyes:


ooh. I dont believe that happens, it may continue to keep the buff if u keep ss it everytime it runs out but the actual damage buff shouldn’t change


Ugh, disappointing :cry:

But I guess it’s still better than the storm.


yep, i mean if the buff from and electro flak stacked constantly u could end up with like a 75-100% attack buff, which… would kinda kill every single dragon with no issues in one or two shots