Ice Turret versus Storm

Hi guys, pretty simple question pls:
An high lv Ice Turret can replace a Storm Tower? (ofc i mean at the same level, lv40 fro example)
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Pls argue your answer. Thx u


They are different, storms are much more valuable but ice turret shield still has its uses.

This should be somewhat obvious, the differences.

This is only speaking in terms of protection also, other factors to consider when making a layout

Storm towers give other towers invincibility. That’s a totally different skill than what an ice flak would give you.

Edit: I now realize that the OP was asking about ice TURRETS, not ice FLAKS :woman_facepalming:

It honestly depends on your base, so please post a screenshot of your base. Ice Turret - Ice Turret- Blue-Red-Dark Flak is a common layout for lvl 60 tower bases because there’s no tower higher in HP.

However the storm ice turret combo is as effective imo. Storm towers provide Invincibility and Ice Turrets give an HP shield and slows hunter ammo regen

I recommend leveling one tower to the capped level (storage or builder) instead of constantly swapping between an ice and storm

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Both meant Ice Turret I believe.

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Lol autocorrect is affecting everyone :flushed::joy::joy:

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Not me i got auto fk sht up enabled…permantently lol

Permanently -_-

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I was thinking to build this setup on long island

Right now my Ice Dark Flaks are lv39, 1 red/blue mages lv38, Storm lv36… Ice Fire turrets are lv33 and mages lv31

No an ice cannot replace a storm.

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What about no Ice/Storm and build a setup of 3 Flaks? ( Ice Fire Dark)

Apparently my reading comprehension wasn’t the best when I made that reply :sweat_smile: I could have sworn that the OP was asking about Ice Flaks :joy::joy::joy:

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That is a very vague question. Sorry i don’t have the time to go over a bunch of different base layouts right now, but if you get a bunch of pictures together and label them 1-2-3-4-5 etc i’ll give my opinion on which i think is best later

Ill do. Thx. Ofc im talking about middle-long Island…




For now, I can not think of anything else. If you have other options shoot as well.
And please, argue your guys answers.
Thx u all

Wow ok you’re a bir behind on tower levels. Rather than trying for level everything I suggest pick 5 and get them up to 43 which is the max I think for your level.

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No in general. Maybe the odd occasion.

Personally I would try opt#4 but switch fire and ice flak THEN switch ice flak and storm. Then switch ice turret and Red mage… I like ice flak at the back… but I don’t have one to test it.

Unfortunately Ice Flak super shots is short. Same as Fire Flak

If you want to stop spells like cloak, EB, and make sure mage shots lands, then u need to pick 1 of the 1st 3 spots.

Middle front is used for a mage on most the initial front islands for attack because it helps keep vine spell only sanding 3 instead of 5.

Ice flaks can (but not necessarily better) replace blue mages per 5 spot islands where dragon will likely be drained from most its rage upon entering from turn. Ice flak same or more value with blue, just strategy.

If you have a blue up front on front mid island but none in back mid island or maybe 1 in the very back last spot of back mid island for example, then u will want the ice in one of the back 2 spots in front island…1 spot fires around 2sec slower so depending on if u want to stop say a time shift or even cloak as a temp spell on attacker, which they plan to activate as soon as that 1st blue is knocked out, then ull want it on the closer of the 2 spots to front.
^ if u wanna stop a temp shield, pick the last spot on front island for ice so that u break attackers shield so they cant save it.

Theres honestly so much to consider.

Personally i really like the 1st option (the 4th isnt bad) , maybe i should move the Storm or the Ice turret where the Fire Turret is.
In my country (but i think in many others) there is a said “The attack is the best defense”.

Imo storm towers are THE protection of any base. They are easily just as important if not MORE than flaks themselves…but id say they are about equally important