Ice Turrets - Obsolete?

After running through the players who hit my base, the dragons they use, and their level - I feel in the replays that I have watched it has been very useful in putting up shields when the first dragon is taken down from my dark flak. In most cases, my average attacker ranges from 150-330.

It always feels nice when an obsidian dragon is taken down, but it seems to be mainly due to my dark flak (and the person flying) rather than the ice turret. It makes the ice turret almost useless after an obsidian dragon picks their second line up.

I notice that when I fly, fire turrets are killers to my drags (especially Ronin). So, the point of my post is to find out if the ice turret is going obsolete and if I should replace it with a fire turret instead? How would I be able to better optimize my base to take down two obsidian dragons instead of just one?

screenshots of your base would help

also, ice turret/storm combo is deadly


Level 45 towers are equivalent to Sapphire tier dragons, so killing Obsidian is doing pretty well already.

More defenders.
Increase tower levels.
Improve perched dragon’s defensive gear.

Level your mages to be comparable to the rest of your towers.

If you’re going to have 3 flak towers, you’d be better off abandoning that second dark flak and getting a fire flak, and replace the ice turret with the fire flak.

That’s if you’re going to keep 3 flaks.

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I am working on the gear, but waiting for Gloomclaw to put him on my perch.

Should I spend the next fort maximizing my mages to the same level as my flaks? I would like to stay under 220 until I breed an obsidian.

Should I completely let go of the 33 df and switch it to a cannon or mage?

Taking down obsidian dragons with 175mil DP? Man, those flyers would probably make me weep if they were on my team.

Anyway, my ice turret works well for me. Granted, I put it between my farms rather than a kill island, but I’ve noticed that it tends to catch them off guard and often finishes them off if they managed to get through my kill island. It certainly has its uses.


Ice turrets are good. But between the lower damage, the relative rarity of ice shards, and the fact that earth flaks fill some of the same purpose you are probably better off with another flak on your kill island. Putting on your farms like Fox suggests, or as part of a mid-long kill is a solid choice. (Sidenote: I don’t actually know if the ice turret and earth flak sheilds stack. Do they stack?)

Fire or Ice Flaks are probably the best choice to pair with the dark. Ice flaks hard counter a variety of sorcerors and warriors. Fire flaks are a little better undefended and work against a wider variety of dragons, but don’t completely shut down dragons like an ice flak can.


Different towers have different uses. I wouldn’t say ice turret is obsolete, just has different advantages that might not be worth it depending on your situation.

For example, you might have to give up elemental embers in order to claim ice shards depending on which lines/rewards you take. If you are short on embers (or one day when you are short on embers) it might not be as worth it in order to level the ice turret.

However, if you have it and keep it leveled, the shield and slowed attack can be very useful either on kill island or by farms as mentioned before.

Also, different towers will be more effective against different dragons, unfortunately you can swap the towers based on the drag they chose, so you just pick a set up you like, and as the “common” dragons shift you might have to adapt, but sounds like you’re defending well at the moment with you’re current set up.


It really comes down to this:

You have a single kill island (known as island 3). Every tower on this island should be kept at your maximum level, depending on your breeding and base leveling goals. So right now, your mages are lagging behind by 14 levels, so yeah, I’d probably make leveling those a priority.

The other issue with your kill island is that your only really meaningful damage right now is your dark flak. All of the other towers are there to keep the dark flak alive as long as possible. So you can keep your ice turret there, because the supershot on that will help keep the DF alive. What you’re sacrificing there is additional damage potential from a more damage-oriented tower (which is why I said Fire Flak).

However, it’s hard to keep 3 flak towers up-to-date as you get higher level; I’m going to be going from 62’s to 69’s next fort event (I have 3 flak towers to level), and it’s going to cost me nearly 75k elemental embers to do that. So if you’re not willing to invest in that additional flak tower, I’d say leave the ice turret and double-down on keeping the dark flak alive.

So when it comes to that second dark flak you have, that goes back to what I just said - flak cannons are expensive. If you’re going to have 3 of them, you should have all 3 of them on your kill island. If that is the case, you would want to put the fire flak where your ice turret is, and maybe move the ice turret back to where your farms are. At this point, don’t upgrade that second dark flak cannon any more. Upgrade only the towers on your kill island (FF, DF, EF, BM, RM), and only level the towers on your long island when you absolutely have to in order to gain levels and unlock builder hut upgrades.

Also - swap your dark flak and your red mage. Dark Flak has a very short range, and having it right up front allows it to fire sooner. Also, this will allow your red mage to cover the entire island; right now I could kill your EF with a red spell because it’s not covered.

[edit] Also note that with regard to the ice turret and fire turret, the shards necessary to level those towers are much more rare than they were when the towers were first released. This means that when you get to higher tower levels, they become more difficult to level than flak cannons; in order to keep them leveled, you may have to do some silly things like select ice shards over elemental embers from seasonal lines.


Lmao fox come down to gold. Most of us don’t know where the fly button is.

I don’t know what obsidians lvl 45 towers are taking down since my sapphire scorpa can pretty reliably finish 45s defended. Especially with low lvl mages. I’m not sure this is 100% the whole truth.

le sigh. A PG created quandary with no regard to what reasonable minds would agree upon as, reasonable. Reasonable, I gotta take that out of my vocabulary around here I guess.

The creation of 3rd class citizens. Can’t level flaks, can’t level turrets, stuck with leveling stuff for wood. Mage towers, archer-cannon??? None of this is sustainable. Shame that the OP might end up between a rock and a hard place.


The kind that don’t have any gear on them. And when defended well (with multiple defenders), level 45 towers can take down poorly flown obsidians. Especially really bad dragons; I’m looking at you, Gladicus.


Thank you so much for explaining this to me. I will focus on leveling my mage towers as my first priority so my kill island is completely leveled. If I moved my ice turret by my farms and in its place put a fire flak, would it be acceptable to switch the earth with the storm tower? I was under the impression that they both were close to the same advantages (which is why I ask).

This would help in not having three flaks to upgrade but still give a substantial kill island to go against?

I’ve switched the dark and red towers. Now my red mage covers the entire island.

Do you fly warriors and sorcerers mostly? Fire turrets do cause a lot of damage, but in almost all cases it’s extremely avoidable damage.

I would not recommend putting a fire turret on a short island ever. (So not good for you to replace in your current config)

Is the ice turret going obsolete? I would say it’s quite the opposite, but your base may not currently see competition which it makes a difference with.

The ice turret does 3 basic things.

  1. High damage - but with newer flaks many other towers do more
  2. Hp shield when supershot - extremely effective, but those who can afford an earth flak have a better hp shield
  3. Hunter ammo regen reduced from supershot - I don’t think any other tower does this still. A short island won’t see this help you as much unless the attacker runs out of ammo.

At higher levels I see ice turret become more and more useful, but less for damage, and more for abilities.

You will find each level of competition has different things that work best. So to some degree you need to find what works best for you. A diamond tier pilot will (generally) immediately see weaknesses that virtually never get exploited in say gold. You will also see different dragons by comparison.


Does this actually work? I, for some reason, thought they got rid of that bc it didn’t actually work :thinking:.

I had the same thought and did check and confirm that when a supershot ice turret hit my dragon and ammo was empty, the regen happened at a slower rate by noticeable visual comparison.

I’m sure @Lutrus can give a more accurate and through confirmation.


I fly mostly hunters (very poorly :joy: ).

So, would you say at higher levels the ice turret by the farms is a good placement for the hp shield?

Related to my post from a bit earlier, if I do put a fire flak in the place of the ice turret, the earth flak is still a good idea for the hp shield instead of a storm tower?

Yea the earth flak has an added advantage over the storm tower, except its big disadvantage is the cost to maintain it. It is extremely expensive to have 3 flake especially when you reach higher tower levels, costing some people several hundred thousands embers per season up around level 70ish.

For me, I am sticking with storm for now which allows me to use a higher damage output flak instead of the earth flak, but in my dreams I have an earth flak and NO trouble with embers haha


Coincidently, here is a recent post about building additional flaks, and some comments from higher level players with examples of how difficult maintaining 3 can be as they get more expensive at higher levels.


Don’t forget Abysmal tier starts next breeding! Higher tower levels on the way with even higher costs.


Are there other towers that cause high damage other than flaks that can be used in place of the ice turret or fire flak? I also don’t think I will ever be able to accommodate 70k in embers unless I save over two seasons and diminish my growth for that long.

The present me is letting future me figure it out lol

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