Idea better recruiting and communication

Just an idea. But think messages in chat should be copyable to clipboard so that they can be used in something like Google translate to communicate with players of different languages an culture easily makin recruiting easier also

You can screen shot the conversation and still have Google translate work, then type up your ohrase and copy from Google translate and paste in game.

I’ve used this several time to squash farming beefs, but I would never use it to recruit someone who I’d need to use this to communicate with daily


We doin it now but have to write messages down to type in Google translate

i agree. maybe there should be a translate feature in the game, like on twitter and instagram. that could be a bit too much for them to put in, but i think it would be helpful. maybe there could even be multi-lingual teams.
they should also allow us to copy/paste into the emails. that way, i can type up a message to my team on my computer. typing up long emails on my phone is hard.

We figure out you can communicate on the WhatsApp also with different languages an culture easily

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