Idea - Discount Choice instead of fixed

Hi guys,

With the current discounts I feel like I dont really get a choice of lines. On week 1-2 I essentially need to do base boost and the dragon and get them both done.

Ill then do egg mission week 2 or 3. Then really I have to do the electrum bar line for the timers.

Im done with the season (19) keys by week 4.

I have done this last 2 seasons and likely have to do it again this season. Exact same 3 lines 3 seasons in a row.

How about we change it up?

On Week 1/2 you pick 1 discount line. Your pick stays discounted for 2 weeks.

  • Base Boost
  • Dragon or
  • Rider.

Then on Week 6/7 you pick your next discount line.

Original 3 are available again if not picked week 1/2

  • New dragon
  • New rider.

Then we can really have more fun with the branches rather than be forced down the same 3 lines every season.

Plus it will make the season longer. Instead of being done by week 4 - I am now done week 6 or 7.

Its always so boring with ~70% of a season to go and not much to do except save for next season so I can do exactly the same 3 branches all over again in the first 4 weeks.

  • I dont think the electrum bar line should be included as a discount line.

  • I have heard many say rider lines have too many RSS and should not be discounted the same so maybe these lines could be 40% instead of 50%.

Sometimes I might need dragon A rather than B.

Or maybe I have too many dragons already on my active roster and having both riders might give me some utility. Like a specific defensive rider with storage protection or building speed for fort.

Maybe I need some more riders for egg token missions.

Having choice or flexibility gives me something to look forward to. I won’t lie I am starting to get quite bored of the game there just hasn’t been a great deal of content added in the past year compared to other games I play.

This change is really for F2P or Light / Medium spenders which make up most of the community.

Big spenders get most the lines anyway so this change has no impact to them.



I totally agree with you! This would be an amazing way for the season to go!


Have a new currency called discount token

2 discount tokens and 500 sigils are given at start of each season

Player gets to use any 2 discount tokens on any 2 branches in the season anytime lasting for 2 weeks (except during super sigil weeks)


That would be cool as well!


I’m all for more flexibility in prize claiming👍
Great suggestion!


Overall, I think flexibility with choosing your discounts would be great, but I’m not sure I agree with those 2 points - the way I see it, you can’t say ‘hey, we’ll give you the chance to discount anything you want, but you can’t pick this line, and if you pick this other line, you get penalised for it because the discount will be lower’
I think you should just fully standardise it (Ryuu’s discount token concept is great, but once again should standardise the weeks you can use it to avoid it being exploited), and let people pick what they really want, with no reduced discounts for select lines (nor omitting the choice of some lines).
The way I see it, reducing discounts for select lines is still forcing people to go a certain way, because if you’re someone that struggles to get the mythic, you’re likely going to want to go down the cheaper route (i.e dragon lines) rather than get what’s actually useful to you, hence rendering the suggestion counterproductive imo.


Please give an example where it can be exploited…i think its pretty solid but I can fix my not gonna be implemented method above :laughing:

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Eh, if you could use it for any of the “special” or “exotic” lines they introduce, don’t think it should be able to be used to get those discounted.


Basically anything that isn’t a full line costing 35k+tokens (or whatever it is now) I don’t think it should be able to be used on.

But I’m fully on board for choosing our own discounts from full cost lines!


Oh yep. Last two weeks shouldn’t be discountable.


With the exception the discount coins have to be redeemed before SS chests come out. Lol


Fair points.

The Electrum tower line has the most value in it, it is much better than the base boost line.

I just don’t see PG giving us that one any cheaper but if they are fine with it I am find with it.

My only thinking for making rider lines less of a discount is because I see people often asking for a rider to be discounted instead of a dragon and that seems to get alot of hate with people saying the rider line has more gold chests than other lines.

I would rather rider line is 50% discount I just expected to get slammed for saying it :smiley:


By people stockpiling enough sigils to finish the 2 discounts at once. (I know it sounds like it makes no sense, but hear me out)

If (or rather, when) people do that, it’ll make it a lot easier for ‘everyone’ to get mythics, since not everyone manages to finish all discounts in time.

Now, don’t get me wrong, personally? I’d love to pick when to use my discounts, and I’m usually in favour of things that help the player base, but if I play devil’s advocate for a moment, I come to realise that this can almost be seen as a ‘devaluation’ of mythics if everyone can now have them effortlessly, without their usual savings. Which in turn then leaves the door wide open to either having that choice being discontinued, or discounts being decreased, or even line contents being decreased because it can be seen as: ‘Well, they no longer need all those chests to save up for the following season’. That being said, it can be seen as a decrease in revenue for something people pay for, and to be fair, PG do still need to make money.

That’s why I personally feel giving the discount tokens at standardisable time periods for people to use does the job of giving people a choice, without risking ‘devaluation’ of mythics that can lead to exacerbated conditions later on.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:


I think it may then boil down to ‘if everything’s getting a discount, then why aren’t they all being discounted evenly??’ - and then people would have a change of heart :joy:


I think most players get their 19 keys sorted by week 4. ( And save rubies, gold chests and bronze chests week 5-12/13 )

I am in P1 and thats what 90% of the team do.

The problem I find is that people get bored with the remaining 7-8 weeks of the season and play other games.

I just think the mechanic of hoarding for most of a season to immediately spend on the next season is boring.

Free players can pretty easily get a mythic. Spenders buy the second mythic.

I dont know if its a material difference being forced to get your mythic by week 4 or being flexible and doing it by week 10.


The thing is, there are still people that don’t save at all/much that spend to finish discounts, so if you give flexibility when it comes to the time period of when you use your discounts, then why would they spend anymore?

Edit: For the record, I don’t think it’s true that most people get their keys sorted by week 4, that may just be the case in your team :slight_smile:


tbh, if youre getting your mythic by week 4 (thats great!) and arent going for both, you dont HAVE to take the discount line… you would have 9 weeks to get the other 17.5k sigils to get the same mythic. and at your rate that should take you about 2 or 3 weeks?


With that mindset then mythics are already devalued because it used to be one discount a season, and even further you were tied into the lines and had no choice in a season. Similarly the lines are a lot more expensive than they were back then (and for no good reason) so we are quickly reaching a point where getting a mythic F2P/E2P is becoming difficult since there’s no increased sigils to combat the increasing costs. This could certainly help in that regard since PG is too lazy to implement any meaningful way to gain more sigils.

I really don’t think this would change anyone’s playstyle very much either. Last season had 3 discounts and people still saved resources and pushed hard in events. There’s nothing wrong with giving players more choices, especially if it breaks up the monotony of the same events in essentially the same seasons over and over.

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I was simply playing devil’s advocate for a moment - but in reality, I’m supportive of this idea :slight_smile:


I also support this idea! :sunglasses: And more flexibility in prize claiming in general ! :+1:

Now that said if they would actually address the issue at its core they could remove the need for the discounts at all.
If some of our long standing issues were resolved with balance we would not need discounts!
Discounts railroad players and are used to encourage spending and provide the illusion of balance without ever actually addressing any of the issues that caused us to need a discount in the first place!

We are asking if we can have a choice of what we want
to apply “their” discount too!?

When we should be asking… Why do we even need a discount to begin with !? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: