Idea : Dragon Skin Transmorgs

My gut feeling is that PG need to increase revenue ( as does every business ) with all of the recent price hikes in the main game.

One idea I had this morning is that they should sell dragon skin transmorgs.

This is a feature in many games that I play and it can be a really fun feature. The best part is that it doesn’t give spenders a game play advantage over non spenders.

Price could be $5 for a legendary skin and $10 for a mythic skin.

Maybe a 20 pack for $50.

How it works -

  1. Buy your skin transmorg from the shop.

  2. Select any dragon in your den that you want to take a copy of the skin.

  3. Select the dragon that you want to have a new skin.

  4. Boom done. Enjoy playing a new current tier dragon with an old skin that you loved


An old dragon that you use for temple raid / assualt that looks ugly with a new modern skin.


A) skins should remain class specific. ( i.e. you can’t put a buff warrior skin on a scrawny hunter.

B) you must own the dragon in your den.


When selecting the dragon in your active roster there should be an option to change skins ( go back to default ) or pick a different skin ( if you bought multiple skins for the dragon )

No charge for charging between skins once you have bought the skins.

If you are defending a transmorg dragon I am not sure if it should look like the original skin or the new skin. Ill leave that for PG.

And that’s essentially it, cheers!

$50 to make 20 dragons look like chunk?
Let me grab my wallet


This confuses me though because

Insinuates that the skins will be purely cosmetic and have no game advantage for getting them - if so, what’s the point of tiered skins? Is there something I’m missing?

My thinking is that it gives PG a way to monetize more exclusive skins.

Its just an idea happy for it to be scrapped

Yeah, but why a legendary skin and a mythic skin? Why not just a skin in general?

Just trying to understand that part :slight_smile:

I like cosmetic stuff though! So skins would be fun!


Cause depending on the work that goes into a skin, it would be worth more. Some games have like 10 categories for skins, really just depends on what the skin has to offer.


But according to Blood, it’s purely cosmetic and has no added stats (from what I understood)

I get that concept, it makes sense, just not sure it should apply in a purely cosmetic case? :sweat_smile:

Yep purely cosmetic.

Its just that I think PG will say their artists spend more time on the mythic skins vs legendary skins so they should be worth more in the shop.

Mythic skins costing more makes them more exclusive and desirable.

A bit like how a car manufacturer will sell their baseline model and then their higher spec models.

I don’t have all the answers and honestly one price fits all would be easier to manage and easier to implement so that is probably the best option.

None of my ideas have ever been implemented so I doubt this is any different it will be a random idea on a closed thread in 3 months time :stuck_out_tongue:


It dosnt matter if it brings more stats or not, is still content that can be categorized in many ways.

Some of the highest grossing games that are free to play on pc make money off skins alone that add 0 additional stats.

The concept is nothing new or unique, is highly common.


I guess I just feel like generic skins would make more sense over tiered stuff if it’s not adding measurable stats - easier to categorise price wise, because visuals don’t appeal to everyone in the same way, so it’s hard to determine worth in that regard

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Forgot about this big guy.

Lets be honest chunks skin simply cannot fit on any other dragon - period.


I always over complicate everything so I appreciate you taking the time to simplify it :slight_smile:

Its a good point new players could get confused with tiered skins and get frustrated paying for the wrong one.


I like the idea overall though as I said! :smiley: There’s no right or wrong answer, really, just my take on it :hugs: I do like simplicity when possible!


We effectively used to have this with dragon armour. It was not very popular at the time because it diluted silver chests but was something I really liked for the personalisation of it. I love flying my Ettin in Temple Raid

There was a very brief return for armour where one of the RED packs also offered a RED armour for dragons. My Draco likes the paladin look…

I’d like to see this return in some fashion as well as the base decoration idea recently posted here.


without those armor( i have no idea what it made of) never seen like this. beauty

What did happen to armor? I feel like that could be a simple additional cash-flow if they just provided more armor and skins to spend small amounts on.

Imagine $0.99 per piece of armor, people would buy some and it wouldn’t give any advantage and probably wouldn’t take much work to create.

I think it was too hard for them to keep going. I’m not sure how many different dragons we have now but it’s in the hundreds. I’m not a coder or designer but I’m assuming making 100’s of different armor sets or letting armor go between dragons is hard. It is a really cool idea though! Even something like the wreath from UVS season would be really cool.

I would love to be able to reskin dragons. A black hau or cal would be so much fun. I’m sure a pink or green dragon pack would sell like hot cakes.


I would buy dragon armor cause i want my dragon to look fabulous


Chunk already looks fabulous


This seems like a really good suggestion if the game were not a mobile app this suggestion screams PC.
But I’m not sure what is all involved in re skinning a dragon as the architecture the skin rides on …the frame work of each dragon is different and I assume that a lot of the costs to produce a dragon is the skin and its movement and its spell set :thinking:

I just don’t know enough about coding to say for sure but seems if it was easy pg would be selling them already and we would have seen more armor being made available.