Idea for a fix and/or suggestion for new content

Kidding, we all know all the current things need to be worked on and finished first before someone suggests something on the forum.


Its fine.

  1. I would like to see a warrior with an active skill that could make its normal atk breath fire become fireball like hunter for couple of seconds.

  2. Would love some dragon active skill that can break through shields like ice shield and storm tower shield, “cannons can do ir , why not dragons right? :joy:

  3. Would like to make perch dragon to have option like activate or not activate “do you want to put out the atking dragon or not”, and attributes still remain, bec in current state specially for high lvl perch, it just becomes a sanding area and rage opportunity.

  4. Would love to have a secret shop or something that randomly gives out items purchasable by rubies. Like 20 potions for 100 rubies, u know cheap stuff, or 10 if for 200 rubies. Can only be purchased once. This is a good money opportunity for pg too.

  5. New quests

  6. Exhange 10 rare runes /glyph for 1 epic, 10 epic for 1 legendary , 10 legendary for 1 mythic.

  7. Crazy idea, tower exchange option? Lvl 50 cannon tower for lvl 50 archer for 50k rubies lmfao.

  8. Make spindra white spell a lil bit larger aoe? I mean if ur pretty good u might always hit 2, but year its really kind of annoying that u have to be really finess doing it.

  9. Make options of male and female portrait for season branches. Like male and female version of tor?
    Edit: just like old times

  10. Send us free golden chests again . Lol

Uh, excuse me, we need to fix what’s already broken.

Off topic remember? :joy: we cool. :facepunch:t4:

  1. Rather than couple of seconds, perhaps several fireballs. Giving warrior Galvanic Overload might be nice too.
  2. SHB + Solar breath on Mehaten. Or Spell Flux?
  3. If so then most player will gladly hid their perch.
  4. Might be nice.
  5. Depends on the quest
  6. Perhaps adding chance of failure might work. E.g. 90% success, 10% fail for rare > epic.
  7. Interesting idea…
  8. Or one hit instead?
  9. Agree…
  10. We need tons of gold chest…
  1. One hit will make it look like gaze. Lol.