Idea for a future seasonal rider

I was think that it could be a great idea to have a rider on a season that would be separated from the other branches (like the 50% rider was).

You may ask what that rider would do ?
Well easy enough, just have those skills:

• Heal time reduction (smthg like -90%)
• Xp gain bonus (not just +5% but something like +50%)
• Reduce training cost (optional)

Yeah i’m asking for a Kayla v 2.0, but all of that has a purpose: i’m from the ones who are really short on healing potions and this rider could be such a great thing for not just me but for everyone like me.

The branch would have 1 page and cost 6.3k sigils and have some chests etc., obviously it wouldn’t give a season key (if that’s staying).

Let me know what you think of this idea :grin:


Like it

You’ve earned my vote.

I actually really like this idea. It would be a rider that offers little to no offensive or defensive bonus, but would still be useful to get and use.


Something like this thread?


Yeah just more precisely a rider for a season. Tho mech’s ideas are great, but thought i would make a thread that may catch PG’s attention for once :grin:

I think we would all love this idea lol

BTW i absolutely love the idea of QOL improvement riders rather than strictly battle related.


This got me thinking scenarios during Feeding Event :grin::

But I would love to used it during breeding event :grin::+1:.

Yeah it could lead to big scenarios but it can’t ruin feeding more than it’s a mess right now. :joy::joy::joy:

Edit: I’m gonna tag @PGChocolate @Arelyna @Crisis so you can see this thread please :grin::hugs:


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