Idea for a new event

Had a great idea for a fun new event that would be exclusive to the mini dragons only, chunk, axi, dodo, etc. The event prizes - specialised ‘gnarly’ armour and rider gear, e.g. Peacock feathers, bird of paradise feathers, ostrich feathers - u get my drift :hugs: I’d like feedback on this from anyone who’s interested especially from the developers :facepunch:

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Considering not everyone has or can get those dragons it’s a horrible idea sorry :man_shrugging:


There was basically no event described… just the dragons allowed to participate and the prize…could you elaborate more on what the event itself would be?
And as Doctor said, not everyone has those dragons… so how would that work out as well? :smile: would there be any prizes actually WORTH getting? If I wanted to dress up my dragons I could prolly find a mini-game on that could allow me to do that… would much rather fight to the death :crazy_face:


everyone can get chunk and dodo right now


idk, I think ember looks rather handsome like this :joy:


It’s an opportunity for those who haven’t got them to get them. The event would be a simple base barbeque

I’m sorry but there is no way PG will let players get Axi again.

Hello, thank you for joining in on the discussions of this online community. The question you are asking has been asked many times before. It is only natural to feel a sense of sadness and regret when you must finally retire a trusted dragon who has served you faithfully through many battles.

It is also natural to see other players flying amazing dragons and want to be able to obtain that dragon for yourself. However, divine dragons are meant to be collector’s items that are available only for a limited time. Allowing these dragons to be obtained outside of the season or limited time event that they were originally available for would belittle the effort and money that older players put into obtaining the dragons when they were first released. Effort and money that were expended with the understanding that this was the only chance they would have at obtaining these dragons.

Here are some quotes by PG employees in regards to this very issue.

Here are links to searches of previous threads on this topic. Past divine dragons, Rainbow Evolution Stones, and regular Evolution Stones.

If you feel that none of the posts in the searches above provide you with satisfactory answers, or you feel you have an idea worth discussing that hasn’t been discussed before, please reach out to Arelyna or Crisis via a PM. If they feel your idea is worth discussing in the forums as a whole, they can reopen this thread so your idea can be discussed.

Until then, happy reading. We hope you will offer insightful ideas in the future.


Sorry to rain on your parade, but this idea would be basically another version of the assault event. It’s also a pretty boring idea, no offense. And oddly enough, there are people at lower levels who can’t breed Chunk or any of those other listed dragons (not including myself, I’m level 79 in gold tier). Please do not take offense to this statement :slight_smile:

Also Axi wasn’t a “mini dragon”… axi was a divine lol

I think he just missplaced axi in that list.

Im always down for any idea that helps customize dragons, i think this game lacks user customazation but why limit it to just a few dragons.

I hope so. But in case it wasn’t a misplacement…

I thought you were about to close the thread lol.

Nah. Just saying Axi won’t come back for reasons. But no need to close the thread since it wasn’t explicitly asking a return of a past divine. Thread is about a new event idea :upside_down_face:


Well not really, I haven’t seen a word about the event, just a few dragon names and rewards…

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Clearly it needs fleshing out :sweat_smile::joy:

Well if anything this thread has shown me is how not to express my ideas here. It was just an idea, and in response you’ve bloated up your own egos, so I get laughed at and ridiculed for the benefit of those responding, you all should be in politics!!

As Liz has pointed in post #7, Past seasonal Divine dragons won’t be brought back (quoting Staff’s post), as you’ve mentioned Axi.
I hope it’s not too much to ask you to read all referenced posts in the post.

Unless there is something different in this event than our usual base barbeque (We’ll have one next event) other than asking for past seasonal divine (We still have Puffy the Firefin right :wink:), I guess your answer has been provided above.


Sure, we’ve already been in a messed up politics called Atlas :wink:

You should keep expressing ideas and suggestions but be ready for forums criticism :slight_smile: Even if you have good arguments, there will never be unanimity. Many innovations were initially controversial and creators got acknowledgement much later on. Just keep thinking and take critics as a way to enhance your ideas

Regarding ur event suggestion, I m not a fan of bird like dragon so I wouldn’t enjoy such an event. But that’s me and I’ve seen many people who enjoy them a lot

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All of the responses have missed my idea and you all keep banging on about axi, which I might add was only a suggestion and not definitive!! Yes I’ve read all the previous posts and no my post has not been answered!! Btw isn’t every event barbeque fodder in one way or another. It would seem your all hell bent and focused on what you think my post should be

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Then we remove the possibility of getting Axi (or any other past seasonal divine dragons) on the event.
So, can you explain more about your event?
in detail please.
better to remove any personal info as well…

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