Idea for a warrior

Spells include northern lights, Southern cross and two resists

What do y’all think? Or any other suggestions

Way too strong to have two sorcerer spells on a warrior.

It still gets maged and dies


What’s a warrior?


Spell Flux, Divine Mystic Winds, Ice Turret Resist, Fire Flak resist. (Thanks for nicely pointing this out @mechengg )

Somewhat useful in that it can kill red mages and not get blue mage’d., but still a warrior, so it still won’t be taking down big towers while defenders are present.

What is divine winds?

I still don’t know what Southern Cross is even after I’ve seen it mentioned on the forums like ten times :sweat_smile:

lol I need more caffeine - I knew that didn’t look right :rofl:

Mystic winds.

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Blows everything in it’s radius up basically, AND recharges some of the rage spent. Red spell, 3 rage.

Sure, why not.

Give it super heated breath, malefic breath (the Abraxxas spell), and havok, all for 1 rage apiece. Oh yeah, and adaptive resist.

Totally balanced.

I have a guy across the hall from me that has the Divine Wind spell.



Oh, neat! :+1:

I find it amusing that we’re commenting on how unbalanced a warrior would be while 99.9% of all discussions about warriors tend to be about how utterly useless they are after a point.

That would die so fast, worse that wursa or anapa.

Yeah but it might kill a tower…

A fart from God?

If you look at the Original Idea thgread you’ll find a discussion about the bean dragon.


Then add divine winds or whatever instead of the resist.


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