Idea for a winter season devine drag for PG

The folklore says that he was the first in the very long line of Kinn, hatched from an egg that was merged into an iceberg. Roaring he cracked both shell and ice as he emerged from his shelter, cold as ice itself and white as snow.

With a body of ice and snow, he soars through the cold winter air, invisible for the naked eye to see. And according to he lore it is his roar alone that summons the cruel winter storms, and if if you ever manage to stand in a snowstorm and listen, you can hear his roar in the icy wind. For he is the spirit of winter.

Skin: white
Furr: pale blue
Wings: pale blue
Eyes: glowing ice blue
Head horns: he has 2 long thick horns of white ice, lightly shaped backwards
Mouth horns: his mouth horns are pale blue and stretches the same length as his jaws.
Body: being the first of kinn and male, he has a more muscular body than kinnarus.


  • snow blizzard ( the winter version of thunderstorm) a raging snow storm with big ice shards falling from the sky on the towers.
  • crizalizing breathe; freezes everything to ice and crumbles it into pieces.
  • frostbite; aka vampiric touch
  • Ice turret resist

@pgEcho @PGDave @PGJared
Hope that’s enough of the PG crew to give them what seems to be a good idea :man_shrugging:t2:

  1. PG doesn’t take out of the blue dragon suggestions by players.
  2. Reviving a revived dragon? Seems a little repetitive.
  3. At least one of the spells will be a brand new spell.

Dave works on Atlas, so best not mention him for something like this.

Sorry, I’m not familiar with Who-Does-What exactly :sweat:

I like the spell ideas.

@Pixxel maybe another player created dragon like Nyder or whatever its name was from the summer season

Apparently PG already decided on the theme or whatever. So I am not sure if the winter theme idea is what is going to happen…but spell wise I think are a cool idea.

:+1::+1: for this idea

I’m sure they love ideas, but keep in mind the Winter Dragons started development months ago. Maybe next year.

I like him and his spells, on a trivial note, how about deleting the mouth horns and give him exaggerated saber tooth fangs? I think it would be different and wicked.

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