Idea for atlas individual pvp event

During fort and breed there is typically little to do outside of regular atlas. What about a 1-2 day event just with individual pvp when assault/dungeons isn’t running.

Participants are split into groups of 25/50/100(???) players based on individual level or base dp or some other measure for an even competition. The top players will fight the top players and everyone fights relatively equal opponents.
No backup flyers and only ourself is allowed to defend maybe(?) or have any existing teammates able to defend… dunno…

similar to fight pits you fight only these players over a number of rounds of the event. not the whole team vs whole team. And of course in the atlas base.

I would suggest having an opt-in somehow so as only those that want to play can, allow say 24-48h option to enter.
Some new energy type currency would be needed I guess and could be added to regular atlas prizes with shards/scrolls etc. it could regenerate like regular pvp energy does. Just trying to think how to encourage activity in it…
you could possibly end up fighting some of your own team mates!
It would clash with atlas pvp/raids so something there to think about.
Lots of holes in the idea of course but could be a fun concept and if kept short enough it won’t overload us and would likely attract more people.


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