Idea for Breed event

With the recent changes to mystic eggs in draconics I think there are some winners and some losers.

I think one change to make everyone a winner is to make feed part of the breed event.

collective groan

But hear me out

Feed points would be capped at 125,000 points (1.25mm food fed to dragons)

This is feeding your perches or levelling a few dragons the other 575,000 pts to be earned with eggs / frags.

For me the big losers of the frag change are :-

  1. People that used go get 700,000 pts because they used frags and eggs. While people will get 700k points after opening chests it likely gets harder as the season progressed.

  2. Little players that used frags to hit 180,000 team prize.

This method rebalances the impact.

Ok so 125,000 pts is a heap of easy points, too easy in fact so in addition to the restriction of 125,000 limit it should also only be paid out 1:1 with traditional points.

So if someone has 125,000 feed points but 0 breeding points they only have 0 event points.

The feed points are paid 1:1 as breed points are earned.

If you have 125,000 feed points and 50,000 breed points then your score will be 100,000.

If you have 125,000 breed points then all 125,000 feed pts are unlocked for 250,000 total event points.

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Hmmm nope






Please no.
Even if it’s necessary, rescaling point - achievement - prize for the event is more preferable.


And added to the 700k prize is a rainbow stone, right?

With KW as a side event.

Why is rainbow stone not plural?

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I always thought they should’ve combined feed and fort together but everyone was no it would cause a serious problem with 2 resources being raided at the same time either way if they are taking your wood they are taking your food at the same time so what’s the difference both resources are being taken either way

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I agree with you in that something needs to be done cause this draconic change has screwed people that previously made event points.

However, I am now convinced PG did it to zero a lot of people and to attempt to increase spending. So, I don’t believe they will be open to changes that help the player base.

What they’re not accounting for is the fact that people will ultimately end up just dropping down leagues and/or quitting. And, then they’ll have an even bigger disparity between the bigger diamond teams and the littles that will be pushed up into the middle class given the foreseen evacuation of many mid-to-high range players evacuating from high sapphire to p2-3 for their sanity.

The game economy is already a hot mess. And, I’m losing the will to care anymore, so let it all burn. :fire::smiling_imp::fire:


breeding and fight pits needs major changes

The feeding event was all-around a very ignoble event, and its absence has been a very good thing by far. I would not encourage the return of an event that mandated players to stunt their dragons for event points.


there are players who don’t have any dragons to breed. Once the majority of them complain enough, the breeding event will disappear. So I’m guessing the breeding events days are numbered

if they removed breeding their event schedule will be broken. To remove breeding they will have to come up with different pve idea, i don’t think breeding event will be removed .

don’t jinx it

:waves from littles being pushed up: Yup. Love my team but I know that we should not be the rank we are. But we are due to the vacuum being created by those abandoning the upper leagues.

On topic tho:
Pls god no with the feeding again. There is ZERO reason to get ppl back in the habit of stunting their dragon’s growth. Or by making this game even more of a job by requiring them to log in frequently to feed their damn perches.

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Counter suggestion: instead of bringing back that horrible event they could

  • put mystics back in the drac chests and then allow us to make the exchange ourselves if we want to. That way we can choose if we want event points or breeding progress. It would also get rid of that stupid outdated eggs for rubies exchange that Im sure newer players have gotten scammed by

  • increase the point value of egg tokens. Make each token worth 1.5 event points

  • Just adjust down the point requirements for the prizes in breeding

All solutions that dont involve inflicting us with Feeding ever again


So what happens to the people who had maxed their dragons levels? Back to feeding their perch/es?

Very good suggestions, I am sure this would solve the ridiculous mystic fragments being removed Dragonic chests. This is injustice created to other players who are not yet reached max tiers and achieving 700k points with egg tokens alone is far from being easy. Mystic fragments acted as a balance to achieve points. Person who suggested this changes to PG to remove mystic fragments from DC had :peanuts: :brain: that’s for sure.

Well, as much as I hate to say it, PG said they would never bring back old divine dragons, they did, and PG said they wouldn’t offer new stones for those old dragons, they did, and I’m sure they’ve done a bunch of dumb(er) crap as well. Oh yeah, they brought back old riders, and added levels to them. Even fell so far out of the wacky tree to make an Atlas rider a quasi not Atlas rider (I mean seriously, what dispensary do you guys use and can I visit from out of state and borrow your dispensary card?!).

So yeah, asking for the stupidest event in the history of this game (feeding) to be brought back in any shape or form, and PG actually doing it, isn’t that much of a stretch.

God help us all.