Idea for new summon or upcoming drag

They should create a Dragon in the upcoming seasons, that would allow you to summon dragons, that you no longer use. Instead of that basic dragon that appears when you summon warrio. You could bond an old dragon fav with this new drag, and that be the new summoned drag. Let’s say your old drag was fae or sage but have outleveled by now. It would be nice, to still use old drags, without becoming obsolete. New summoned could be called Spring revival, summer revival, or Autumn instead of summoned warrior. And be a white spell. Lmao. It could take the rider approach as far as setting up for the bonding and have different paths that can be boosted based on what drag you choose. Stones on end of each line like normal, but the shards in middle, on first page. Then the drag armor in the mid, on the second page, like a riders set up. While bonded whatever armor this Dragon is wearing the bonded drag gets too. Just an idea.

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I think that the spell to “summon warrior” would be cool if you could select at least the visual of whichever dragon you put it on.

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If all else yea. Lol.

If they did do a rider like bond they could do a time duration for the summoned drag points and which would be cool. Duration and attack. Lmao yea

I thought I had that? I’ve seen my Dodo flying around… :thinking:


Or make it look like “summoners war” kind of vibe , where obsolete monsters can be used for combining to come up with a stronger dragon thats another recipe for another stronger dragon and so on.

Yea, that sounds like it would be pretty cool as well. Some crazy mixes would come out. Lmao.

Come on lol. Id like to see this

I think that the original spell of summon warrior would summon a random warrior from your den. That was before my time, but something that I think someone told me once. @RoscoVColTrane

Anything different would be nice at this point instead dragon. Lol. Would be cool if it summoned randomly from den.