Idea for quests displayment

Just a suggestion, not sure if this has been posted, tried looking around but couldn’t find an answer. So my suggestion is, along with token missions being displayed before you attack an opponent, maybe PG could add our quest missions as well to that screen underneath our egg token missions?? Just throwing it out there(it it already hasn’t been). Could potentially save players time when they need to check how many runs are left, etc. However, obviously being in the attack screen, it wouldn’t do any good if all your quests were for defense or for joins. But idk if it’s out of habit that I click on my egg missions before I attack…Just a suggestion. Any other input or ideas are welcome. Just trying to make the game more convenient and time saving for some of us.

Thanks guys. Happy flying!!


That’s a good idea! Saves a lot of time! Make sure to tag PGCrisis in this


Would be good but IMO most of them aren’t worth doing anyway. Rewards are too little for too much effort. I’m not attacking 45 times with a warrior dragon just to get 55k rune dust. Feels like a waste of my time. :t_rex:

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I understand where you’re coming from. I personally don’t mind too much because with those, just swap in a few type “X” dragon that are red tier. But some of the ones that are “obliterate” bases level 225 or 245 are a little much in my opinion. But also the rewards if you can get your team to participate, it really isn’t that bad. Essentially bonus rewards. We already play the game daily, so to me, I say why not attempt them!

I need millions of rune dust… wish they’d just give us enough for each divine in their branch, but that’s neither here nor there

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I like this idea it could get me back to do some easy quests without getting to the event tab. :+1:

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