Idea for Shield/Hammer/Sword/Tower-HP/Tower-AP boosts

Hello pps,

This idea struck me as I was reading HAMMERS the great hammer depression of 2018 by @xJJSK2018x.

In the past I remember people always noting that they are low on hammers while their numbers of Tower HP boosts, Tower Attack boosts, Shields, and Swords are huge.

I would like to introduce an idea that might have been mentioned long time ago but haven’t seen it recently, if I am wrong please delete this thread @TheRedDelilah :rofl:.

It would be nice to add another panel to our Forge building named Market or Trade or something of that sorts. Allow players to exchange:

1x Shield + 1x Sword = 1x Hammer
3x Shields = 1x Hammer
3x Swords = 1x Hammer
3x Tower HP boosts + 3x Tower Attack boosts = 1x Hammer
5x Tower HP boosts = 1x Hammer
5x Tower Attack boosts = 1x Hammer

All of this vice versa for each item as well.

A lot of people including myself have thousands of the other items as opposed to only hundreds of hammers, I believe this would be a nice addition to the game as @Gox1201 mentioned the attacks in this game have increased due to Atlas being released and a new aspect of the game is in place.

Again I apologize if this idea was brought up by someone already, if so I will delete this thread.


why not give each item a value, so maybe a shield sword and hammer are each worth 1 point when traded into a merchant and then to purchase one of these items it cost two or three. still keeps balance while actually allowing players to get something they can use/want. could also do the same with spells as most will trade in spells for xp modifiers, or maybe just get hammers lol


Ive always wanted swords shields and hammer to be all in one drop. Instead of diluting packs with all three make groupings of them like the following:

Common: Defensive boost
1 Sword
1 Shield
3 Hammers

Epic/Rare: Defensive boost
10 Swords
10 Shields
30 Hammers

Legendary: Defensive Boost
25 Swords
25 Shields
50 Hammers

The idea is to keep the numbers similar so you dont end up being the unlucky soul who gets twice as many swords as shields. This will also help the problems with chest dilutions.


While I do like your idea and am all for it that would only alleviate the future problems. People that have been playing up until this date have 10000s of unwanted boosts.

My idea would be able to fix both, the future players and old players that are stuck in having these numbers of boosts as it would give them an option to exchange what they do not need.

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Oh that was just an add on idea. Your idea is perfect


I would add both to be honest, yours and mine… I also like the idea of selling any boosts for points and using points to buy what you’ve need.


Furthering the original suggestion, I think this Marketplace should be expanded even further:

  • Item Trading away unused items (spells, runes, glyphs, boosts, potions, timers, anything) and getting either a set “credit” price or a floating price that takes into account market dynamics. Similarly being able to buy these same items for the accumulated credit balance as opposed to the rubies. Obviously the prices would have to be exorbitant to some degree because PG will want to continue to push rubies as the primary in game currency for things like the larger packs. But for example purposes, someone could trade away 50 Tower Attacks for say 10 “credits” and those 10 credits might be equivalent to 1 healing potion.

  • Wood/Food Trading: This has been something I’ve been wanting for ages now which would make the feeding/fortification events a little bit easier. Basically there would be a floating value of wood-to-food and vice versa which would allow you to trade surpluses of one away for the other. Obviously this ratio would change in the particular events (or again, could tie it into overall market movement to some degree) and you wouldn’t want it to be too easy (hell, I’ve said jokingly during these events I’d trade 500k food for 1k lumber out of sheer desperation). Important: There would need to be a scalable daily limit set so that this does not just become a dumping ground when getting attacked. So once the daily trade limit has been reached, sorry you’re cut off from the market.

So in summary, a way that allows us to get rid of items we don’t want/use to acquire items we do want/use. Make it cost inefficient as necessary to keep the ruby economy correct (or maybe the rubies will just be better spent on more 10x golds). Also, resource trading with fair limitations that prevent it from becoming a dumping ground.


Among the 3 consumables that defenders can use in a defense, hammer is the best one. Hence they go fast. There was a time that i actually purchased Bronze chests just to get hammer for a particular war. Nobody should be purchasing Bronze chests. Yet for hammer, i did. Hammer drops are like “Hammer x1” and i go yayyyyyyyy. Defense shield drops i go “um…”

Please do consider beefing up hammer availability. So we can have high quality defense and in turn more competitive battles and be satisfied with no regrets when losing a war!

I was almost wondering if they should make a 4th kind of chest that is available all the time. They would be called “War Chests” and would contain all the tower boosts (hp and attack that are equippable on monuments), the dragon hp and attack boosts, and the defensive items (hammer, shield, and gunpowder).

The would remove all those items from dropping in gold chests, so they would only be available in bronze chests and these war chests.

I think they should also add the heal pots and egg tokens to the war chests (but leave THOSE items available in gold chest drops too). After all, you need to heal dragons to war, and you need to be able to breed new war beasts :slight_smile:

I don’t know what a good price for these proposed chests would be. But I know people would buy them, especially if they made the hammer drops worthwhile :smile:

Maybe the epic hammer drops would be 20 hammers and a legendary drop would be 100 (these are just random numbers I pulled out of my head as an example since I am unsure what would be considered a good amount for a hammer drop rate).

I think Id vote for the other way to increase the number of hammers people are sitting on, cap the number of tower buffs a defender is able to use. Similar to ss.

We call it it hammer spam for a reason, how often is spam actually a good thing? Ever?

Remove all tower buffs from chests (maybe leave hammers, maybe). Make people earn them attacking or defending. I think this would make them more of a special item that people didnt take for granted.

This is supposed to be a team game. I would think this would also force more team members to get involved, as opposed to a few that are able to spam all day long.

Wasn’t this simply one of the benefits to having the salvage shop? (but with quantity limitations)

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I actually don’t know because I never had the salvage part of the Forge…

If it was why wasn’t this released to everybody. Can’t possibly be negative feedback?:slight_smile:

Ah gotcha. Yeah this was a style of “marketplace trading exchange thingy” which mimics nearly exactly what you wrote. It just converted into a middle ground currency so that they could tweak pricing a bit better (e.g. instead of 1 for 3 it could be 1 for 2.6 if they feel like it).

They got rid of it due to cheaters yet exploiting it.

I hope they bring it back at some point with changes to the exchange rates and the items offered for trade

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Just to piggy back, I’ve always wondered why the game doesn’t have a way of turning twenty heal potions into a single energy pack even though in the forge it states that the equivalent of 1 energy pack is 20 healing potions. It would be awesome to do something with the hundreds of heal potions I’m sitting on

To be honest I think they should increase the value of swords and shields to be similar in value to hammers

For example buildings with no offensive ability should maybe do something useful when swords are used. Both should probably increase percentages.

All three should be set so that they work together best and you can’t just spam any 1 of the 3

But in lieu of a balance added some kind of exchange or change in availability rates should happen

@PGCrisis @PGReive @PGDave

Can we get the Salvage shop back please?

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Plz plz plz

I can certainly ask for ya. :heart:


Any updates on @PGCrisis

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