Idea for team incentives

Hey guys I came up with an idea for team chests which can be given out by the leader and officers. This should ideally, be given to teams based on war and event performance. This is to help bring a team together by being able to reward members for performing their duties to the satisfaction of the leader and his officers. How it should work is we are given chests (team chests) which are stored and given out to team members as necessary, these chests may contain speed ups and other items which can help members progress. Let me know what you guys think.

No thank you.
Having the leadership team choose and select individuals for prizes that others will not get leads to animosity between the team and would tear it apart from the inside.

It’s also been brought up several times before for war performance and MVP rewards.


Would the leader be able to give it to themselves? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I mean the leader is naturally the mvp for amassing the team that did well, right?

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It will not be given to the mvp but the team leader to share to his members. Naturally, there will always be the bad eggs but the majority will set the tone. There should be no animosity, if you contribute your leader should reward you, if you didn’t get one this time maybe the next time. Maybe if your leader is smart he will find a way to reward everyone who participates in a cycle system.

The idea behind it is that even teams that didn’t do super well will get some of these chests. These chests will be for the team to share anyone can get one.

In my opinion, individual players are already rewarded with respect to how they perform. So I dont think this is a good idea. It can be easily a source of drama within the team.

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It can be but I think that since the game has a more mature player base they will will be better able to use this to motivate their members and promote unity within the team.

I would like to hear the input of some of the pg members @PGCrisis @PGJared are very respected on the forum. Any feed back you guys can give will be very helpful.

why not auto but manual?

I like the idea. Make it award different items such as keystones and potions. And let players donate to the team vault. Set a cooldown so the same player cant get it twice a row in a week. Enable up to 3 distributions for top 3 players that the leader can select every week and allows the leader to fully customise the payouts with a set ceiling.

Alot coding on the developer side. But the customisation would make this a good USP amongst other apps on the market.

Team participation based on tangible rewards
Enable sharing of potions to players that consistently back others in war
Distribution of specific items to specific players in need.

It will be manual. Manually given to players by the leader.

Yea the idea here is to find a way to encourage the team interact with each other on a different level and be rewarded by their leader so that they feel valued an appreciated

And some will feel in the opposite way, this would put more stress on the leader

Is this what you mean?
-Players/team mates who do their events in accordance with what the leadership instructed to will be rewarded.
-Players who excell with the event but did not follow instructions will not rewarded.

It’s the leaders responsibility to look after his team and keep them united. If he/she can’t cope then they shouldn’t be a leader. Beside this responsibility can be given to a chosen officer.

No, if you excel you will be rewarded it’s not exactly as the leader says all the time. Basically this could be a system to give incentives to players to want to excel and help players feel satisfied with their teams. It’s just like running a business happy teammate are more productive.

Then there’s already in place rewarding system for this. Which is automatic and unbiased. No need for the Leader to distribute separate chests rewards. So I am against of the suggestion.

I think it depends on the people and team honestly.
To say it will tear a team apart is quite the reach.

It totally can, I agree about that but it depends on the team & people. I don’t believe it could tear my team apart.
Maybe you get one or two jealous members but one or two members cannot destroy a team.
It has everything to do with having members who sincerely want the other members to do well, if you have that then no individual reward could really hurt the team.
When gifts were out I’ve sent them to members who I believed were really helping others.

Obviously you would not want the chest/reward to be stacked but like some Timers, Potions, etc I would be ok with that.

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It really does depend on the team and the culture of that team it is also a great way to unite a fragmented team.