Idea: let Dragon runes be unequippable just like monument runes

Not sure if this has been discussed on the old forums. Why can’t we let dragon runes be unequipped for rubies just like monument runes?


I totally agree with this because i spent some money on the fort event(I believe it was fort at least) to get the legendary healing mark rune. Low and behold it is THE EXACT SAME as the legendary healing mark rune i spent my sigils on in the limited time branch last season… so much for getting healing mark runes for ferga… if only i could swap it for one of the legendary healing mark runes on borgian that are actually one of a kind.

Anyways, this is a good idea but should have some limitations. The runes and glyphs on dragons should only be able to be I equipped once. Base runes/glyphs are everywhere and our base doesn’t keep getting new islands to put them on so they are easier to replace. Another option would be to make dragon runes unequipable at no cost but the rune/glyph would be returned to level 1, meaning it would cost the same amount of dust to level back up as it was the first time. This would obviously cause players to think twice over which runes to unequip.

If PG ever comes to tell us that this is not something that will happen we can all spam our helpdesks with our rune drops from silver chests. I know I’d definitely like to show off my three identical legendary poison strikers…


This was brought up many times on the old forums and the answer from PG was always no. I presume they believe the revenue stream from ruby unequip fees is less than what people spend on the super silver chests (forget what the name is) and to get sigils for runes on the reward paths for their new dragons.

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I don’t know about whether people will spend less. I actually think they’ll spend more as they will be moving their runes around - I would anyway. And I won’t stop going for the runes on the season trees as they relate (mostly) to the dragon whose line it’s on.

Runic chests while they do present another chance to spend rubies, would actually be less attractive as it is lottery as to what you’ll get. If we’re charged something reasonable to swap runes on dragons I suspect more people are going to be doing that and spending their rubies.

Anyway just a thought.

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I ASK for this runes to be done this since they starte d i got half of the idea building runes can but not the dragons

Issues with moveable runes is mainly this: once players have a set of runes they like, what is to stop them from just moving them on up. Eventually, all of us would get a set of runes we love, silver and runic chests would be less of a thing, and then there is less money to be made. I get why they made them non-moveable.

However. Here is my very basic counter proposal…

Allow runes to be moved (with rubies) if it meets the following criteria:

  • The rune is being moved to a dragon at least two tiers higher than the one it is currently equipped to. This would mean a rune that is on Whalegnawer (Gold Legendary) could be moved to Sekehm (Sapphire Legendary) but not Rizar (Platinum Legendary). This would allow players to use the runes they have as they grow, but in a more limited capability to avoid extreme abuse of the system while promoting revenue in the higher tiers of gameplay.
  • Runes moved off of evolving dragons would assume the divine dragon is it’s maxed tier. For example, this would mean that if a player has a Platinum Necryx, but has the Obsidian stone for Necryx, runes could not be moved off of Necryx until we are two tiers past Obsidian. However, if the player has a Platinum Necryx and only has up to the Platinum Stone for Necryx, they could move the Rune to a Dragon Garnet Tier or higher.
  • Wisdom runes can only be moved off of expert dragons. This would avoid abusing the system for feeding and breeding events, and would also encourage revenue.

Or just make moving runes expensive. 4000 rubies per rune.
That way to move a full set would be $100, surely that is good revenue streaming.

Whats even better, is make decent runes available from silver chests - who knows, ppl might actually buy them.

Silver chest solution

  • silver chests drop 30% runes from your current tier’s dragons
  • 30% from previous tier’s dragons
  • 30% random

Remove all runes that do absolutely nothing (like runes that boost blue mage supershot damage)

Drops rare-epic and legendary
The 30th are legendary.

Then for runic chests

  • put runes in them that are only useful (aka no evade runes)
  • put mythic runes in them as an option for drops (instead of just legendary)
  • up the price to 8000 /pull —> all runes are useful runes (rage, wisdom, healing mark, etc, not poison resist evade healing striker blah blah blah)

People would buy those


Ok so the discussion point/ disclaimer

I don’t like monetizing runes this heavily - since it basically separates players into have/have nots. Or spend-spendnots (lol horrible word)

However, this should be offset nicely if they fix silver chests. We have players in our team that grind out 200 bases a day or more (3-4mil medals a week), they will get lots more silver chests than spenders. So they could get good runes from there. This should in theory balance to some degree.

I hope


If you made it expensive enough to move such that everyone needs to think twice wouldn’t that work? Ok maybe not for whales…

Agree with u on expert. Maybe we only allow runes to be moved off expert dragons? So combination of 2 and 3 above. I don’t like 1 simply because it becomes too hard to implement and/or understand. A simple only expert and/or max tiered evolving dragons can unequip runes would work for me.

Yes, please!

I think that would make things more complicated than the present system for them which is why imo it will not be implemented this way.
And i like suggestion of @Gox1201 more because it may be more feasible and make people actually buy runic chests using rubies.


Dear fellow Dragonlords,

Honestly, what good would it do to get the chance to remove/reuse the dragon runes? Considering all the options, I say that
“Well, well, once a leap year it would be nice to have this option”, but otherwise utterly useless to implement such a function in the game if no one uses it due to its very high costs. Or we could see countless forum topics demanding to get the costs reduced. So it would start an avalanche.

Making the runes removable from expert dragons on the other hand seems to be an appealing thought, but you know how these things work:

You give a finger and they want your whole arm…

We all know that the rune drops wont be fixed so i think it’d be nice if once in a while you could swap a rune you worked hard for. Maybe just be able to swap them once… anything is better than how we currently recieve runes. We don’t even get runes that fully boost our event dragons anymore, as the secondary effect never helps the intended dragon.


Create the ability to combine 3 or 5 of the same runes into a single rune of the next tier.

When you remove a rune it drops a tier.

That’s a good idea, I would not mind that :grin:

No! Just no. Useful Mythic and Legendary runes are already crazily rare, don’t make them harder to keep… People paid for those runes, either time or money…
(Why should you give PG an idea so detrimental to players? :tired_face:)

Not sure how it’s making them harder to keep? As of right now if you outgrow a dragon with a rune you want to keep, it is not possible to move it to a different dragon. By removing and having it drop a tier you still get to keep that rune with an option to increase it’s tier with the combination idea. Even if it’s a mythic rune, dropping it to legendary is better than having it sit on a dragon in the den. Even an epic wisdom rune would be beneficial than sitting on an expert dragon rune. The idea was to give an expanded shelf life to runes.

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Spending rubies to move them 1000-4000 per move would let them keep revenue and allow us to keep relevant ones.

Currently we can move gear around using rubies why not dragon runes?
It just makes sense. They get money we get to keep using runes.


I agree with the idea of paying rubies for dragon runes/glyphs changing/swapping. We do it on the base, why not on the dragons ? Or PG should start a line in game with runes/glyphs only. Not dragons or riders, only runes/glyphs. With the same mix of everything but instead of evolving stones, epic/legendary/mythic runes and glyphs. I am sure this way many will spend more to get the sigils needed to complete the line. Win-win situation for everyone.

I really can’t believe that players are ASKING PG to implement more ruby sinks. What is wrong with you @xVoldaRx and @Snowb1 that you so desperately want to throw your rubies or money on something that in the end won’t even make a difference in if you can take a defended base down or not?

:point_up: This is actually the problem.

  1. The silver chest drop tables are full of useless runes
  2. The event prizes are full of useless runes

The only useful runes come from test events that they run once a year (first iteration of Assault) or from season branches.
And mostly we only get runes but no glyphs. Only two teams (mostly Dread and NMO) get the mythic glyphs from event team prizes and even those glyphs are often totally useless.

I could go on but I already made a thread about new runes once and it is long forgotten and buried just like all the other good ideas that were dropped somewhere along the way to make room for whatever makes more money (hint: dragon armor, salvage shop, …)

Runes are dead
…unless you want to spend tons of rubies on stupidly overpriced Runic Chests.


Nothing is wrong with options… you addressing me like there is something wrong with me is an issue.

You don’t like a suggestion fine.
Saying somethings wrong with the person? :unamused:
Is petty and useless wasted time because it offers no solution.

If your mad go be mad at someone else.


I don’t want to spend money on ALL runes or glyphs. But I think that’s fair to be able to reuse them as we do for those on islands. Would I use this option ? Well, for two - one mythic rage glyph and one legendary rage glyph I have now on a retired dragon. PG gives away crappy glyphs, so yeah… I would use the option to translate these two to another dragon.
I also suggested that PG may also implement a new line in the season board, line Rune/glyphs only. What do you think about this @MareZ ?