Idea/request regarding the new quests feature

Love the new quests thing! Gives you something to do when you done eventing. And an opportunity to get extra stuff while working on teamwork.
Which bring me to my idea- PG should add a function for team leader to toggle on and off automatic messages on team chat about individual teammates completing which quests and how many points that accomplishment gets to the team…
Let the team give those members the “atta boy” they deserve and encourage other members to try their best.

Just an idea… :man_shrugging:t4:

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Not getting the same reaction. Most everyone I talk with seem to think they are ridiculous hard and the rewards are not worth the investment…Rewards should provide some type of incentive. Right now it’s an upside down investment.


The idea of this, yes, the actual quest line up right now is total nonsense
The Jump from middle quest to hardest quests is ludicrous.
The prizes for the amount of effort are insulting.
400 supershots needed for 25 +30% dragon attack is an absolute joke!


The quests are stupid and take up far too much time.are we expected to be on line 24/7.the rewards are pitiful.

These quests could be fun. Could be being the key words there. Here are a few things I think should be considered for change.

  1. having to use defense resources (hammers, shields, swords) is stupid. Those items are not super easy to get. Especially hammers and the forge can’t keep up with the demand of the quests. Seems more to be another ploy for us to spend than added fun to the game.
  2. the current requirement of the quest lines are almost impossible. 400 supershots…really guys? I don’t have time to sit and do nothing but defend. And asking someone to repeatedly hit my base not only has the potential to suck my rss dry (food, wood) but whoever is running my base, if done properly, are having to drain their healing potion supply for up to 3 or 6 different dragons. Not exactly fair.
  3. these quests do not focus on actual teamwork. Maybe a couple but for the most part we’re having to focus on our own quests far too much to be able to actually help our teammates. Adding quests like…back teammates 25 times or inflict 30k damage while assisting teammates. Something like that would get ppl more involved in helping their teammates.
  4. running this quest during pvp is a bit more stressful than I think it should be. Now not only are we having to focus on pvp but these outrageously set quests. I think they should be ran during breeding or fortification events instead. I see ppl complain all the time that those events are too long because after a single day they’ve used up tokens or timers. (Not me because I’m a slow and steady kinda girl) Running these quests during those events will give them something to focus on other than just making baby dragons or building.

Anyways that’s my opinion. It was a good idea but it needs tweaking a bit for it to actually be fun, obtainable, and looked forward to. I don’t think anyone wants the quests to be easy but at the current settings they’re damn near impossible unless you’re literally in game 24/7.


Totally go with LadyDreki, good ideas thank you for that. As it is now the in- and output is in no relation. Kill 80 305+ with a 100% damage - You know that this may take more than 2h of playing (2 minutes a run x 80 = 2h 40 minutes) only for that? In the end you’ll get 120 lousy coins where team needs 15k coins total to achieve level 5 (of 10).
Decrease the necessary amount to achieve the big quest to 1/4 and increase the reward payouts by a factor of 2. Then you might get people to play that quests. As it is now no one will ever waste their time and efforts on this again.


I’m enjoying the my game play parts. As in, making it “ok” to attack and defend. But they seem to drain more resources than they are giving back.

70 attacks is at least 50+ potions, not including the defense/attack boosts. And it’s so time consuming to complete the quests using ember/basic bases. Especially when you add gold hunting, and egg missions.

Although atlas events are rss consuming, they have have descent return. Compared to the prizes in atlas, I don’t see why the quest prizes aren’t the same.

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