Idea to encourage moving up in leagues

I know there have been tons of sandbagging topics in the past. Figured I would throw a different but easily implemented spin on it.

I think an idea to encourage folks to push up in leagues would be to scale pvp points based on league similar to the pits. Gold league would have the same base points as now. Platinum would start with the same scaling factor as the keep and go up from there. Sapphire would start with the same scaling factor as the training grounds and go up from there. Diamond would start with the same scaling factor as the coliseum and scale up from there.

Most folks have the concern that personal points and resources will be much harder to manage if they move up in leagues. This would help alleviate the pvp penalty for folks wanting to move up in leagues as the very slight increase in team rewards is a joke. For instance if you have someone in platinum that hits near max points but is N-3 or 4 jumping to sapphire they will end up hitting a base for significantly less points. This makes them work harder to hit the same prize and use significantly more resources. If base points were scaled by league it would help normalize their points and resources used. It would also discourage sandbagging.

Breeding event already kind of scales by league due to increased daily token bonuses. Fort does not scale with league. An idea would be that the daily token bonus become just a daily bonus. Gold would remain the same. Plat gets same tokens as currently with the addition of 2 days of timers. Sapphire 4 days of timers. Diamond 8 days of timers.

If you want big bases to move up and normalize level spread within a league this would strongly encourage that. Diamond sounds like a lot of timers but it comes out to less than 7 upgrades to towers near max level. It would still entice folks to go after those resources.

The argument of the rich get richer is valid but the very top is still gunna spend the same amount to win. They already go way past max points in breed, fort, and pvp. But it will encourage folks to move up for the increased points and resources. This will make it easier for the smaller folks to score higher for their resources even if they don’t move up in leagues as larger levels move up. It should also ease recruiting at the top. It should also start to consolidate teams and decrease the shell teams which in the long run will help the lower teams have full active rosters as the partial teams look to join active teams.

Just my random thought of the day.

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I think it would discourage sandbagging, but it would create reverse sandbagging. Lower level or far over leveled players that have no business being in X league jumping to X league just so they can freeload.

PG had a perfectly good fix for this dumped in their lap a few years ago and they half assed it and didn’t even get close to fully implementing it, yet declared that it wouldn’t work.

If they cared, they would have fixed it, long ago. Bottom line is the dollar. As long as they come in, no one cares.

And you still can’t stop players from playing at whatever activity level/commitment that they are comfortable with. Nothing will change that, so stop trying to fix it.

tl;dr If PG thought sandbagging was a problem that needed fixing, they would either fix it or solicit the community for ideas. They haven’t done either, in fact, they have literally took a piss on ideas, even half ass implementing the ones they did attempt.


Sooooo this is a novelty. Quite a nice topic. Talks about the difference of leagues, touches sandbagging and creates a long time issue about new content that matters. Damn Rooster is good. Even touches the juice of teams having filler spots. Where can one start ? Where can ideas stop ?

Actually the answer is a bit of both and was already given I think by PG. But most of them players will not get it. Not the bright ones, the others, the slow ones that need everything explained. Cause most playing games, we are geniuses in disguise. So here goes. Simple solutions, for simple minds like me.

Scale rss and prizes. Yes. But scale also the injustice of having to fly without rss, when hoarders fly with a ton of heals, IFs, etc. meaning give an interesting scale benefit to those who fly clean, with just a few fixes.

Events. Let them weekly events be as they already are. Scale the prizes according to effort and introduce another factor. Times a player will fly. Those who actually spend their time flying, should be getting better chest drops than those who use the raid button. Say they get better chances for gold chests, rather than all players getting the same amount of bronze chests. Just an example.

Wars and stuff. A very sensitive point. Keep old wars, again with scaling of prizes. But give it a twist. Let declarations be open to all. You are lower league team, go hit the biggies who have been pestering you, get better prizes due to your league difference. You are a team of bullies, go hit lower teams, but risk losing everything, especially your precious name, made out of fear. Not that big teams are bullies, but just for those few who depend on size.

Offensive vs defensive gameplay. So you are a player who likes accumulating things ? A dragon in disguise, hoarding deep in your lair treasures and depending on your size and fearful name ? On your friends or meatshields also ? Fear not. There is something for you as well. Make absolutely all rss raidable. Chests, EPS, IFs, heals, timers, all should be made raidable. Scaleable to both league difference and player level. Again, here two twists. One : don’t let players hit the same guy more than say seven times per day. Two : give a chance of defending the rss payed or gained. Offer a loot free shield. 75% for spenders, 32% for f2p players. What do I care if you hoarded for centuries ? I am better than you, I should be putting you to the ground, you lazy hoarding dragon.

New content. Skins, shields, spells and what nots. Same as above. Scaleable and useful. This is beautiful, but offers nothing. That is not that beautiful, but offers 10% on food. The other on wood. That one offers chances for better chest drops. And so on and so forth. That one gives 35% minus time on construction. Just examples.

Towers and dragons. So you need to put your brains in contribution. Use it and create a unique set up that takes you places. Yes, not all of us can do it, but those who can, lead us blind to better pastures and better paying pastures according to attacks finished daily, placement of towers, combos, dragons used, etc etc etc.

Atlas The most beautiful for last. So you have lag, prizes, not a lot of rewards, glory hungry players, a load of problems. Great. Life could not be more interesting. Here is a solution for all. Take out SafeZones. No one and nothing should be safe in a war strategy game. They should all be game. Not fair, but a chance for all. As for safe castles, scale NML. Make them castles T7 level ones. Paying out a shitload pardon my language of rss. That one over there pays daily rubies, this one over here pays chests, the last one over there pays timers, etc. Make them players wish for them. Oh. They wants to hold them? Great. Use your team ONLY to win it and defend it. Not even the TA. Twist. You wish to have a chance on such a castle, go meet requirements. Have five castles, one of each element. Have one T5, one T4, one T3 and so on. You don’t meet requirements, you can hit castles on NML, but the prizes are down scaled.

But who in his right mind wants those changes ? All the others out there who just nod. None of us great players will agree. Cause none has the courage to put his money where he/she puts her mouth. When the time to lose YOUR rss and chests and rubies and timers and shards comes, you just pat yourself on the back and blame PG. But if PG does that, the pitchforks and torches will light up.

Most players cry for lag, for prizes, for stale things, etc. mechanics and what nots. But if PG would say, there 30% of your rubies is safe and chests, but the rest is free for all, then you would cry scam. If you could pay that 30% with your hard won rubies though it would be better. And that scheme in atlas, if you had those prizes, would you stay guarding your castle and troops ? But no. It is PG to blame. Not you. You are the best player ever.

Give me a season in Atlas like that, and I’ll show you what I can do. Combo it with a season in main game. Then I’ll see what others can do. No sandbagging, no piracy, no holding back. Those who truly are great players, like the best of the best, they will hunger for such changes. Those who are mediocre, will start crying and whining. The loudmouths who find excuses. But that is not us, right ? We are the best, waiting for PG to give us a challenge, prove that whaling and years of talk are worth it……

Are you serious ? :neutral_face:
How is this fair ? Unless you only allow same level players attack each other, what would prevent high level players from completely destroying babies rss?

You are right that current prize structure for event team payouts doesn’t encourage the teams to strive for higher leagues.
However I don’t believe “sandbagging” at the team level is that big scale of an issue as it is painted to be. There are a few sandbagging teams out there but they are only a few. If they turn up in your league and take #1 place you can still be #2 and once again prize is not that different.

If you start really scaling prizes that results exactly in rich getting richer, and as consequence increase in seasonal prices. Now you have low leagues with low rss and high prices and small players progression slowed down which is exactly the opposite of what we need.

Now if you are talking about individual players sandbagging it’s a different story. How do you differentiate between a “sandbager” and a person that for some reason takes a break or simply cannot meet sapphire league requirements but still wants to play? And why should we force them to go higher leagues ?
As far as I’m concerned whoever wants to be in higher leagues is already there , and who doesn’t well they can stay down and teach noobies. They stay in teams that never meet 8/8 most likely have no atlas or small amount of castles with minimum payout and already crippled by all this just by staying down.

We utilize positional attacking and we set the objective of positional dominance as our core objective instead of our current use of acquisition of multiple defense positions!

By doing this we will eliminate sandbagging by whole teams and still allow players to fall back without impacting the balance of engagement on our map!

Yes it’s easily accomplished……
And all we really need at this point is a beta for a actual long term offensive map!

This short term defense map is prone to sandbagging as it has zero positional mechanics….:man_shrugging:

Let’s take a closer look at this!! Almost every team in Plat 1/2 and now most of 3 have the majority of their rosters with level 400’s and 500’s now. SO we can’t quite use Level to determine “Sandbagging”. SO lets use team APR. Easily manipulated.
If we have learned anything, We have learned for EVERY “FIX” to a play style or mechanic, there is an equal work around solution. It will only take a short amount of time for anyone to find this work around. ( IE …Gold Primarch restriction)
Quit trying to dictate how a player should play the game. I have said it before and I will start sounding like my friend Malik and preach the same dang thing…As long as a player/team is playing within the given mechanics of the game, quit trying to dictate your personal opinion of “How” each player in the game should play the game.

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Reminds me of a highly offensive shirt from the 90s…. That I won’t summarize.

How about you play your version of WDs and I’ll play mine and hopefully never the 2 shall meet. Cause all this noise y’all be talkin bout up in dem der hi leagues I don’t be wantin nun of.