Idea to make recruiting easier and to block unwanted invites because we NEED this!

This is a continuation of an old thread that closed. I think we need to look more into how to improve recruiting because the current method is WAY too time consuming and unlikely to result in a successful recruit.

Below is the link to my idea for how to improve recruiting and stop unwanted invites.

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Hopefully, something will be done to improve recruiting!

Here is my idea, and below is the link to the original thread.

This will help:

  • Normal players who don’t want to change teams from receiving invites. Especially helpful for people who get spammed with invites. Also helpful with preventing players from accidentally accepting an invite.
  • Normal players who are thinking about leaving their team or are actively looking for a new team to only get invites that they may be interested in.
  • Recruiters spend less time finding people to invite and more time playing, talking, and enjoying the game.

First I will address the Invites section in Settings.

  • Have a check box to ‘Block Invites’ and another to ‘Allow Invites’.
  • When ‘Allow Invites’ is checked, let the players fill out three more sections.
    • Leagues you are willing to move to (all invites from other leagues will be blocked)
      • Give each sub-league a check box, so you can choose a range (e.g. gold 2 to platinum 1) (thanks @OrcaFrost for this idea! :blush:)
    • Languages you can speak
    • Adult Only Team or All Ages Team

My idea for the recruiting tab:

  • Only players on other teams will show up. All team members of the recruiter who have ‘Allow Invites’ check will not appear. (This was added after the original post thanks to @talisgoldmage pointing out the need for this filter. :blush:)
  • Only those who have ‘Allow Invites’ checked will appear in this tab.
  • Only those who want to be in your current league will appear.
    • Possibly have an option to show those who want to be in the league above you for those teams who are about to move leagues? Highlighting them might be good.
  • Only those who can speak your teams preferred language will appear.
    • Possibly add an option to add other languages in case the leadership is multilingual?
  • Have a filter for level (min and max: no use wasting your time looking at high levels who won’t join your team), weekly medals, and adult only team or all ages team.

More efficient wood invites

  • Add more filters to the tab for team information in the team meeting hall that are similar to the filters mentioned above.
  • Have those filters apply to the recruit with wood button, so that the button is more useful and efficient.

To help players looking for a new team

Another idea is to have teams fill out the same information as well. That way these filters can be added onto the team search tab. This will allow a more direct and faster way to find a new team to join.

I think there may be other things that can be added to the Invites section and the filters for recruiting. Feel free to leave your ideas. Some other ideas of mine are:

  • Atmosphere (I’m not sure what options to put for this)
  • Level of intensity (barely around, casual, work hard but not intense or too serious, intense with strict rules, highly intense and serious with strict rules)
  • Cussing (ok or not ok)

Since many players have ranged league preference, why not making prefered league as an interval?
e.g. Gold 2 - Platinum 4

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What you mean is “Deny Button” in Message from Invitation Team?
Or Grup Chat?

If you mean is “Deny Button” in message you just can klik “Mark All” and Delete message

Its simple, baby

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Absolutely would benefit from changes, I spend so much time recruiting in this game because it can take so long to get responses. I’d much prefer to use that time to actually play the game lol.

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Sub leagues can be pretty different, so it would since that the preferred league could be a range. :blush::+1:t3:

No, I mean an option in your settings menu that prevents you from even receiving invites in the mail. It’s annoying to receive them, and it’s a waste of the recruiter’s time and effort to send them to people who won’t accept them.

I see, but what the menu “Report/Block Buttons” its not work for block too receiving email/invitation from “them”?

I guess the button blocks any message from certain individual.
The one mentioned here is limiting / blocking recruitment messages.

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Whats “Block/Report Buttons” in Email is not include to block recruitment message?

@OrcaFrost is correct. The block button blocks players not a certain type of email (like invites).

The block/report button is to stop mean or obnoxious people from emailing you. The report lets you tell PG if the person is doing something against the TOS.

Yes, right. But i mean, what thats buttons not include to blocked recruitment too?

And if you have any recruitment, that messages is in Tag “Message” not “System”…
You can block spamming email in tag “Message” but you just can’t block in tag “system”

System emails aren’t sent by a person. Recruitment invites are sent by a person. If you use the block button on one of your invite emails, you will be blocking all future mail from the person inviting you. You will continue to get invites from other people.

I think the idea is to block invite mails in the first place. Without this we’ll have to receive invites first to block mails so it will still be annoying if you’re getting tons of invites. I only get 1 invite in a week now but when I was on a less active team once I used to get 10-15 invites a day, 20-25 invites between events. Makes it hard to find other mails I want to keep. And I don’t think people open all of them when they’re not looking for a new team, waste of time for recruiters.

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Maybe, you think is that buttons.
I not agree, with any sugestion at here…
Because, junks email/spamming invitations it is this buttons.

If you not like invitations, just remove that messages

I guess no. Rather than inviting, the button is to limit what kinds of invitation can be send to us…

While we can delete it, getting flooded by invitations prevent one to see the actual mail well, especially if we’re flooded with such invitations

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If you agree, you can make the Vote posting in General Discussion room

Yes please! I am all for a more efficient and reliable recruiting system! At the very least, I’d like a way to prevent reinviting the same people over and over. I keep kicking the same player because he keeps getting an invite through the random invites. It was awkward the first few times, but now it’s just plain annoying.


I never use the recruit button, have had too many inactive players join from it, or they don’t speak any English which means we can’t communicate with them. If you could put in better criteria for that button it would help (currently it just acts based on your minimum player level setting)

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I like the intent, but it forgets that many players have alts on other teams. Or even just friends on other teams. So there will be other ways for particularly draconian officers to check up on how committed their team members really are.

If you have any way to find out whether a specific player has ‘Allow Invites’ set, you’ll discourage people from using it, and it stops being a useful tool. That includes having enough filters to find people in specific teams - or possibly even leagues!

I do like the aspects of your suggestion that ensure the recruitment spam only goes to people who actually want it - and even better, ensuring the messages only link recruiters and potential recruits who match each other’s criteria. I think that would make it a much more useful tool than the current scattergun approach.