Idea to make recruiting easier and to block unwanted invites because we NEED this!



Hm, maybe have players looking for a team pick a recruitment name (so recruiters can tell which player they are talking to)? And don’t show who their current team is on their profiles when recruiters click on it in the recruiting tab? Or just have the helpful infomation from the profiles on the recruiting tab with only a mailing option?


Having a “recruiting name” seems like a very pointless and convoluted idea. If you’re recruiting, you should know who you are recruiting, not some random alias.


“What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.”

That being said, most people haven’t memorized their friend’s team roster, so just not showing team names would probably work (and most alts don’t recruit for other teams, so they aren’t likely to see if someone’s trying to leave one of their teams).


You know, I would settle for invites having their own tab in the mail, that way they’re out of the way of regular mail.


Yes! I second this :+1: :t_rex:


What should be added, at the least, is just a setting for whether a player wants to receive invites from the random auto recruiting system. Nobody needs to see what others have theirs set to other than the player alone. At least, then, there would not be invitation spam arriving to us if we aren’t looking to move and, conversely, officers using the invite system would have a much greater chance of finding recruits.


This or just move them to the system tab.


I’d just be happy if we could do something about the spam invites - both for people getting the “recruitment button” invites and the one off invites as well. Whenever myself or a teammate is on the global top medals board for the week (which I know is glitched) we get massive amounts of invites from Gold and Platinum leagues. Nothing against those leagues, but as a Diamond Leader I don’t want those in my inbox because of the horrible “accept invite” button. It’s terrifying and I have clicked it when I was sleepy before when I was thinking to reply to the player.

Move the button
Let me block all invites
Put a “are you sure you want to leave your team” confirmation up.

Gimme at least one.


I believe (edit: not my suggestion alone) the suggestion of a setting to turn on or off to receive invites covers both types of spam you mention. Unfortunately I wouldn’t fathom there will ever be a feature to filter direct email spamming to y’all in the spotlight without a proper email system in-game (current one is more just a private messaging system). About the accept invite button…yes please please please PG add a backstop confirmation pop up to it :pray: (another edit: hahaha I didn’t read your entire comment before replying to see where u already said this but great minds think alike, huh)


I suggested that they add a confirmation button ages and ages ago… it still hasn’t happened.


One more nit picky thing I would like to see is, which may not apply to high high tier, but in my opinion is much needed is to give us a second option to select “replace inactives if needed” instead of just the current option of “Replace player with low activity if necessary” option.

  1. Replace inactive players if necessary
  2. Replace players with low activity or less if necessary

This is now a pet peeve of mine after just the right amount of coincidence in a series of events, recently, gave our team quite the headache due to not having this option.


The recruiting system needs some serious work.
The way that it stands right now its practically useless. The spam is insane, and we often end up sending invites to the same people over and over. We are in a Plat league and there is lots of turnover, it is very difficult to control who enters the team and at what time. That darn button has caused more issues then help imo!
I think it is a great idea to have teams advertise in game that they are looking for members. Players can see what teams are available based on their eligibility presets. And vise versa. Give me at least some options as to who I’m sending my invites too. Half the people we get don’t even speak the language.

Another suggestion I wanted to bring up is it would be great to have some sort or note or message board for the Officers and leadership. We utilize the chat system right now but that changes quickly, and we rely on Line app to communicate. It would be great to have one place to leave some directions, comments or notes for the officers in game that could stay there and wouldn’t be missed in chat. Something like you did for the Team Plan in the pvp events.
@PGJared @Arelyna @PGCoffee @PGCrisis


I created a section in my wiki for my officers, so we could communicate like that (we also use Line.). So that might be an option for you too. :slightly_smiling_face: People will have to sign their comments, so you can tell who said what.

It would be nice if there was an option to make certain wiki pages only visible to certain members. I would say only officers and leaders, but some of them have alts. Also, I have advisors on my team, and I might want them to see it too. Adding this option for editing access would also be nice. But that is a discussion for a different thread. I just wanted to let you know my tip about using the wiki. :slightly_smiling_face:

If anyone wishes to discuss this further with me, please tag me in the thread you create. :+1:t3:


Yes. I’ve been wanting to request this a long time. Wiki is in the Meeting Hall, after all.

Edit: The code appears to be (at least partially) there so it’s presumable that pages designed for notes could be coded to signed automatically, as well. It already shows who last updated the whole page. Would be icing if a new page type with threaded messages could be created.

Wiki pages for officer, leaders, and advisors

I was about to suggest things along these lines, but instead I’ll just bump this.

I think the best option is to allow opt-out of invites. When our gold team fell under the spam threshold, I received SO MANY invites, and that both wasted the auto-invites and annoyed me. I’ve looked through the list of auto-invites I sent, and so many are useless… Wrong language or officer/leader on a team, solo leaders on one person bronze teams. The current state makes it almost impossible to recruit, and frankly it’s really frustrating.

People quit the game because most of the gold level teams are half filled with inactives, and it’s very, very hard to win the battle to get an active teams going.


Thanks for the bump! :smile:

Do you mean the invite section of my idea? The opt-out of invites won’t fix the language problem.

I hadn’t thought of that! You’re right that lots of new players could be quitting due to inactivity in their team (which is caused by the fact that we cannot effectively recruit especially in gold leagues or lower. Those lower leagues are where people start, so they get bored before they get far enough in the game to join a more active higher league team.). Since I started this game almost 3 years ago, one of the big problems you had in lower leagues was people getting bored and quitting the game.


Dear PG (@PGJared, @PGEggToken, @DragonPunch, @Arelyna, @PGCrisis, @PGCoffee, and anyone else who can fix this problem),

Can you please tell us if you are going to work on fixing this problem? I know you don’t like to give dates. I just want to know that you realize this is a problem.

It is an annoyance to all players (for recruiters and people getting unwanted invites). Recruiters are wasting their time; time they could be using to further their account or help their teammates further their account (which could increase their spending on the game). Also, you are losing new players (and thus a bunch of revenue) to boredom due to teams that are inactive because recruiting is too difficult (especially in lower leagues where new players have to start).

You can read both this thread and the old thread (link is located in the original post for this thread) to get more details.

This really needs to be fixed. I just want to make sure we have gotten your attention, and that you will do something to fix it (it doesn’t have to be my idea.).

Thank you for your time and (hopefully) your consideration,



Don’t do this. There is a forum roles thread to specifically find a PG staff member whose wheelhouse a suggestion might be. This is a suggestion, so it’s almost certainly not a PX issue (you tagged 4 PX members).


Not being able to effectively recruit is an issue. If this post doesn’t fall under “any issue”, then please fix your forum rules thread about who to contact.

Also, I looked up some suggestion posts where PX members were tagged. None of the players were told that suggestions didn’t fall under PX (the employee did respond to the post).


You have this listed as a suggestion, and it’s a request to make something easier. It’s not something broken, you’re not losing currency or anything of the sort. It’s a feature request. I’m closing this thread.