Idea - What if you could have an Army at your Base?

What if you could have an army at your base? (No Atlas)

You could equip them with weapons you buy / win in an event to attack the dragons with, same with armour, and they could be like the people who stand around your towers. The army could be situated on any island you want, but they take up a whole island - and you buy / win more people for your army. The weapons / armour / more people could be 100-500 lumber / meat. If anything cost rubies it would be 1-5. What do you think?

We have. In Atlas

Apart from Atlas. For teams without atlas, for their bases.

I think this idea needs a lot more detail to be interesting, really. As it stands I can’t see why this is something anyone would want.

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Sounds like a rider to me. :roll_eyes:

It would be a new form of, almost, a weapon. Dragons that attack your base can loose health from your army,

Say, if it is…

  1. How to scale army v.s. dragon strength, tier wise?
  2. How is the maintenance/build mechanic?
  3. What is the threshold?

p.s. Seems that the reason for this is unoptimal base build, but it’s just me…

It would be like the image that I know edited onto the post

It would depend on how much you upgraded your army - how many people there were, what weapons they had and what armour they had

No. I mean complete detailed threshold.

Currently, dragon levels are limited to

  1. Incubator and Breeding castle (which are limited by level)
  2. Dragon’s den (limited by level)
  3. Breeding progress (For divine dragons)
  4. Storage (is it still limited by food? :eyes:)

Without proper limit, the idea is ridiculous, as spenders can buff their base just by “army”.
Furthermore, if the army cannot be recovered, getting farmed and you’re done.

Please read wd information source such as Morreion’s, wd almanach, etc. for more dragon/building limit

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Well, I very much doubt it will happen, but if PG sees this post, they can put their own ideas into it. This is just a rough idea. They can decide how everything works.

:expressionless: So, just another baseless idea then.


Looks like you want to completely replace towers with it? That’s not going to happen, as the biggest draw to towers is their passive abilities meant to counter dragon spells.

Just seems like another thing that would widen the already massive gap between spenders and non-spenders as well.


You don’t replace towers with it. You can have it if you want. You can have towers if you want. The only thing is it takes up an island. And it isn’t real money is lumber, food or rubies.

Yes, well, it was just an idea. I knew PG was never gonna see my post.

I would gently roast them until they popped just like popcorn
and use them to decorate my base.


Lol love that picture :joy:

I have seen u create a lot of useless topics. I don’t know why but please limit it. This is just my opinion and mean no offence.

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Maybe I could take offence. I have had so many comments now that are hating on me and making fun of me that I will not go on the forums again. You have your wish

I am sorry u feel that way. I am in no way hating but some of ur topics are redundant tbh.